Interviu cu p0sixninja


Cei de la i-Enthusiast i-au luat un interviu lui p0sixninja, omul care a ajutat la gasirea si dezvoltarea unor exploit-uri pentru iPhone pe care unii dintre voi le folosesc si astazi. p0sixninja este un membru al Chronic Dev Team insa a lucrat si cu Dev Team/geohot/comex pentru a face programe de jailbreak destinate posesorilor de iPhone. Interviul a “avut loc” prin e-mail pentru a proteja identitatea lui p0sixninja, iar raspunsurile sale la intrebari le aveti mai jos. Sincer sa fiu consider ca ar fi putut raspunde la ceva mai multe intrebari, poate unele care sa dezvaluie ceva mai mult din munca depusa pentru dezvoltarea unei solutii de jailbreak pentru iDevices.

iE: Thank your for taking time to sit with us and answer a few questions P0sixNinja, If you don’t mind whats your real name?

p0sixninja: Joshua Hill

iE: What hood are you from? (City)

p0sixninja: Atlanta, GA

iE: You’re our first official interview so we apologize for the corny questions, How did you get into the iPhone Hacking scene?  How long have you been in it?

p0sixninja: I really wanted to work on the iPhoneLinux project, but I somehow ended up helping reverse ipod touch 2g bootrom looking for exploits. That was about 1 1/2 years ago now.

iE: What Dev Team do you belong to and how did that come to be?

p0sixninja: I got lucky. I had just started learning ARM assembly less then a week before and offered my help. I managed to slip in before they had any real standards I guess. I don’t think anyone actually expected us to find anything.

iE: Before the iPhone Hacking scene, What scene were you in?

p0sixninja: Before this I worked on some 3D graphic programming. But, I’ve been fascinated by hacking subculture since I was a little kid, this was really the first time I’ve gotten to show off my hacking skills.

iE: What projects are you known for in the iCommunity? (Jailbreak developments, Tweaks)

p0sixninja: LOTS, although most of them are targeted for other hackers and developers.
Exploits: 24kpwn, usb21-1, (a few others unreleased)
Tools: GreenPois0n, injectpurple, injectgreen, irecovery, genpass,  idevicerestore, ideviceactivate, spirit-linux, (others I haven’t released yet)
Toolkits: cyanide, libirecovery, libimg3, (and still others I’m working on)

iE: Whats your thoughts on the new iPhone 4?

p0sixninja: It just came in the mail today (FINALLY!). So far it’s nice. But, before the new toy smell wears off i’m sure i’ll have a couple of complaints.

iE: Congratz!, If you could add something to the iPhone 4, what would it be?

p0sixninja: FM Transceiver support. It would be nice if they could give us kexts to receive FM broadcasts, and broadcast our iPods library directly to FM radios.

iE: What do you think about the whole “Antenna” issue, the iPhone is having?

p0sixninja: It really doesn’t make any sense to me. I think the claim is that the radios short each other out, which would be impossible (both are grounded). If I had to guess I’d say it was a filtering issue (which can hopefully be fixed in software).

iE: Whats your thoughts on the Cracking Scene?

p0sixninja: I personally don’t use it, but I also don’t have any apps out there that can be pirated, so it’s not a huge deal to me.

iE: If someone would like to get into the iHacking scene, what should they know?

p0sixninja: C/C++, ARM assembly, and basic exploitation techniques. And you’ll need a LOT of free time and patience.

iE: Thank you for taking time to answer a few questions for us today Josh, We’ll let you get back to working on cool stuff for us =]