Operatorul de telefonie 3 Italia sustine iPhone 4


Operatorul de telefonie mobila 3 Italia a comentat cele declarate ieri la conferinta Apple sustinand toate afirmatiile lui Steve Jobs. Conform celor de la 3 Italia iPhone 4 este cel mai bun iPhone de pana acum si are cea mai buna receptie iar problemele cauzate de “tinerea gresita a telefonului” sunt neglijabile. Operatorul sustine ca iPhone 3GS “pierde” cu aproximativ 6% mai multe apeluri decat iPhone 4 si ca viteze de transfer prin reteaua de telefonie sunt cu de pana la 10 ori mai mari pe iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 is more “sensitive” in receipt of about 3dB compared to the previous model 3GS, the success rate of calls has improved by 6 percentage points and the transition time between the network operator 3 Italy and the host (and vice versa) in cases of roaming has been reduced by 40%. . Even if the iPhone’s data showed a 4 “uplink speeds about 10 times higher than those available with the previous model. Very positive results which should result in significant improvement of performance and experience of use.

Operatorul recunoaste problemele cu semnalul cand cele 2 antene sunt conectate prin plasarea mainii in zona stanga jos a telefonului insa declara ca efectul este neglijabil si sunt slabe sanse sa afecteze utilizarea normala a telefonului. Mai mult decat atat aproba cele spuse de Apple care sustine ca aceasta problema cu antena poate fi usor rezolvata prin aplicarea unui Bumper ce va fi oricum oferit gratuit de Apple.

Ultimately, despite this problem 3 Italy was able to verify that the iPhone works better 4 iPhone 3G in terms of radio and remains convinced that the iPhone will become the fourth best selling phone ever, as suggested by peak sales during the first 3 weeks from launch, with more than 3 million copies sold. At the same time Italy and 3 ‘ready to announce tenders for the marketing of the iPhone 4 will form a complete revolution in Europe and marks another historic step in the process of market innovation that has always inspired the philosophy of the first operator UMTS in Europe.

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