Trimite SMS/MMS-uri de pe iPad 3G cu SwirlyMessage

SwirlyMessage este o aplicatie pentru iPad(disponibila de ceva vreme in Cydia) care le permite posesorilor sa trimita SMS/MMS-uri prin intermediul retelei de telefonie. Nativ tableta iPad nu permite decat conectarea la internet cu ajutorul unei cartele Micro-SIM, insa cu ajutorul SwirlyMessage puteti trimite SMS/MMS-uri daca aceste functii sunt activate pe respectiva cartela. SwirlyMessage este versiunea pentru iPad a aplicatiei SwirlyMMS, insa a fost complet refacuta pentru a functiona cu tableta iPad. Trimiterea/primirea de SMS/MMS-uri este identica cu metoda din iPhone dar este necesar ca aceste 2 functii sa fie activate de operator pe respectiva cartela.

Iata ce functii are aplicatia SwirlyMessage :

  • Send and receive SMSes
  • Send and receive MMSes consisting of pictures, video, audio, text … just about anything actually
  • Send SMS & MMS messages for free to your SwirlyMessage and SwirlyMMS² friends via SwirlyNet™
  • 3gp video encoding
  • Built-in voice recorder.
  • Save received audio clips (mp3, amr, caf, etc) as a SwirlyMessage alert sound.
  • All messages are backed-up by iTunes
  • Customize the message alert sounds to any sound of your choice.
  • Visual feedback on delivery status
  • Attach a signature of your choice to every message you send.
  • Attach your current GPS location automatically to the messages you send.
  • When receiving a GPS location, it can be viewed in Google Maps.
  • Save your draft messages to the Drafts folder.
  • Bulit-in media viewer
  • Animated GIFs
  • User controlled resizing of sent pictures
  • UserAgent emulation (pretend being one of: SwirlyMMS iPhone, Apple iPhone, Motorola V360, Nokia N73, Nokia N95, SonyEricsson W800i, and Samsung Black Jack 2
  • Separate folders for received (Inbox), sent (Sent), queued (Outbox), erased (Trash) and Draft messages
  • MMS settings wizard, which allows for automatic configuration of your MMS settings.
  • Possibility to receive automatic OTA (Over The Air) settings (More info here…).
  • Up to 50 different media parts when composing a new message
  • Up to 50 different media parts in a received message
  • Address book integration
  • Possibility to browse the iPad file system and include any file when composing a new message
  • Possibility to save individual message media parts anywhere on the iPad file system
  • Reply to sender, or forward the message
  • Send to multiple recipients
  • Save a message media part image to your camera roll and view it with the Photo or Camera application
  • When composing an message with several media parts, you can easily rearrange and remove any part.

SwirlyMessage este disponibila in Cydia pentru pretul de 12$, insa daca aveti prieteni in reteaua SwirlyNet™ puteti trimite mesaje gratuite catre ei.