Prima Pagina aplicatii Aplicatii gratuite pentru iPad, iPhone si iPod Touch – 09.10.2010

Aplicatii gratuite pentru iPad, iPhone si iPod Touch – 09.10.2010

Datele acestea se pot schimba in ORICE moment, politica Apple le permite developerilor sa schimbe statusul aplicatiilor oricand doresc asa ca verificati in AppStore daca datele de aici corespund cu cele de acolo. Modificarile acestea sunt in general valabile pentru scurt timp asa ca fiti vigilenti!

iSandcastle – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Shoot with your cannon and sunk all ships in each battle before they destroy your Sand Castle.
Tap screen to shoot, hold longer for more power. Win 7 battles and defend Your Kingdom!
Get gold after each battle and buy the best weapons, make your best time and compete with others on the internet.

iProximAlert – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
This application is made for people using public transport after a long workday or schoolday. Choose a destination on a map, and the application will alert you when you approach it with a local notification if the application is running in background. You will have time to wake up or storing your belongings before stopping. This application does not say when you arrived but when you will arrive.

SevenSwords – disponibila gratuit
Join now for a FULL-3D MMO ACTION-RPG experience for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!
You are about to play against the world in an epic real-time battles up to 120 players!
Grab your weapon, join your allies, and hurry now to the path to victory!

Tap Bingo – disponibila gratuit
It is possible to bet on four cards or less by the game’s beginning with START, and doing each card in the tap.
The center has been fixed from the beginning to the bet card.
The unit bet with a button left under the screen is specified, and all of the four pieces are bet with a central button.

iTables – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 3.99€
This application lets you create simple spreadsheets. You can use basic arithmetic operations. Cell values in tables are referenced with a letter denoting the row followed by the column number in brackets, e.g. A(2) or E(12). The only function is SUM which lets you sum values of multiple cells. When using this function, the column numbers are not in brackets, for example: sum(A1, C3).

Cubic Tic Tac Toe – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
A solid 3D version of Tic Tac Toe, Cubic features a strong AI, 2-player mode, and a lot of “extras” that suggest high production value, such as complete on-line rules, difficulty levels, and more. The idea is simple: make a row of redball’s or blueball’s in any direction, and prevent the opponent from doing same. There’s not much more to say about the game, but that’s because it does what all good puzzle games do: presents an enjoyable diversion with simple rules that are hard to master.

Vext – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
Vext is the dynamic new medium that consolidates voice and text messages into one fluent conversation, giving the user the choice of how to answer every message, every time.
No more praying to get the voicemail. Leave one every time. No more texting while driving. Choose the easiest way to answer your friends and family.

WolfOnWallStreet – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
You stride across the room with your chin elevated and your back ramrod straight, every inch the rock star wall street power broker. Your grip is firm, your frame is lean. You ooz confidence and energy.
You’ve been accused of Insider Trading, Securities Fraud, Stock Manipulation, Money Laundering and Obstruction of Justice, they will do anything to bring you down.

Laugh a Little – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
A Lifetime To Learn. Actual Classified Ads. Bar Talk. Corporate Stupidity. Crazy Laws.
Derivative Markets. Golf Laws. Kids Jokes.
Moving A Computer. New Word Definitions. Phone Jokes.

Success Calculator – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€

Free for a limited time only!

Prism: Light the Way – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
In Prism: Light the Way the Glowbos are dying from darkness and only the healing light of smiling, friendly Bulboids can save them.
Featuring 120 varied and challenging puzzle boards, your mission is to transport the Bulboid’s energy beams to the Glowbos via touch gestures and a generous allotment of tools and devices.

Geodice – disponibila gratuit
The puzzle action with a dice. Let’s move the dice touching, and arrange the same number. Dices of the same, arrange three or more. Numbers of the dice, the more one
Disappear before the dices, and re-align three or more chain happens.
After the increase in the number of dices, the chain does not happen.

TooLoud? – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Ever wonder if the place you are in is damaging your hearing?
Sometimes it is easy to take for granted how loud places are.
This app allows you to see volume levels in simple numerical form and will warn you if you should be wearing ear plugs!

Piano Toon – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
Piano Toon is a rhythm game where you must activate the colored buttons to correspond to the notes that scroll across the screen. Activate the buttons at the right time to properly play classic scores of Mozart, Chopin, Liszt and Bizet. Beware of false notes!
Try it now, it’s totally free!

Return Home Helper – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Try to shake the iphone anytime you execute this application. Try to stay the same place with the timer setting 1 minute. It contains needed function when you are
in an emergency. Automatically call if it can’t find the address in same location in 3 minute.
Please remove your phone’s screen-lock and pocket it as in execution for long time.

Sleep on it – disponibila gratuit
Get the alarm that does it all! Set your alarm and with one tap you can record how much sleep, then add info about sleep quality, your mood, meds and more to see what affects your sleep and how much you really need to feel rested and energized. No other alarm app helps you understand your sleep needs like Sleep On It. Created by MedHelp, the largest online health community, in partnership with GE Healthymagination, let Sleep On It help you wake up on time feeling your best!

Cow Attack – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€ – Universala!
Cow Attack is one of the most addicting games in the AppStore. Once you start playing, you can’t put it down. Be Bob in this intense Bovine adventure!
Bob has the life of his dreams – his own milk farm. To Bob’s dismay, after his cows learn about living the good life on the Internet – they revolt!Put your reflexes to the test, while avoiding Bessie and her gang of cows, t**ds, milk and most importantly – Helga with her Bovine Flatulence Gun!

Doodle Boat – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Doodle Boat is an easy-yet-addictive endless game, in which you steer a top-class motor boat through a sun basked river. Your goal is to get as far as you can, while avoiding river banks, and other boats dashing across your way. Steer your boat with absolutely precise tilt controls. Enjoy relaxing, but dexterity-challenging gameplay, and colorful graphics recreating the feel of summer vacation.

DeathTomb – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
You must escape from the Tomb of Death. There are many bugs in the Tomb. You can get new weapons while you are playing. Your weapons are Hammer and MachineGun on First Stage. Hammer can gives powerful shockwave to bugs but not damage. MachineGun can gives high damege and shockwave to bugs. Other weapons have different damage and special ability.

UrboPedia – disponibila gratuit
Te-ai aflat vreodata in cautarea unui bancomat prin apropiere, unei farmacii non-stop sau unui fast-food cu shaorma ieftina? Aplicatia UrboPEDIA pentru iPhone iti permite sa gasesti toate aceste locuri si multe altele, in toate orasele mari din Romania, cu ajutorul iPhone-ului tau. UrboPEDIA este prima aplicatie din Romania care ofera optiunea de “check-in”. Aplicatia foloseste baza de date a website-ului beneficiind, astfel, de peste 80.000 de profiluri disponibile pentru a face check-in.

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