Aplicatii gratuite pentru iPad, iPhone si iPod Touch – 11.11.2010


Datele acestea se pot schimba in ORICE mom€ent, politica Apple le permite developerilor sa schimbe statusul aplicatiilor oricand doresc asa ca verificati in AppStore daca datele de aici corespund cu cele de acolo. Modificarile acestea sunt in general valabile pentru scurt timp asa ca fiti vigilenti!

Revinyl – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€ – Universala!
In Rediscover mode, sort through the jumbled stacks of Cover Art as quick as you can to rack up points. Bonus questions follow to identify the song, album or artist. Songs that come up in the quiz can also be compiled in a playlist so you can get back in touch with the music in your collection. In Party Mode, play head to head to head to head, where the quickest finger wins in our special version of name-that-tune.

HellJump 2: New Adventures – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Was featured by Apple in “New and Noteworthy”
Was in TOP 100 Adventures Games in USA (paid)
This is a simple jump game.

iMathematics! – disponibila gratuit – Universala!US ONLY!
iMathematics is the best app on AppStore for the study of mathematics! With more than 120 topics, over 700 formulas, attractive interface, with 8 solvers and calculators, and a special version for iPad! Over 700 formulas, definitions and theorems! The more complete form on AppStore! Beautiful graphical user interface, simple and intuitive! Support for the new iPhone 4 Retina Display!

Into The Blue SD – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Now on SALE! 66% OFF for a limited time only!
Into The Blue (SD) is a fun multi touch game where you need to protect your base against enemy spaceships. Keep your transporters under control and harvest crystals to survive. Multi Touch Enabled Gameplay.

Tap Mahjong HD – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 3.99€
Tap Mahjong is a modern interpretation of a classic Chinese board game combining favorite Far Eastern drawings with one the most popular game principles. Test your deduction and strategic thinking skills along with your luck to master Tap Mahjong. A wide variety of different puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty will capture you and for an extra challenge: Play against time.

Smurfs’ Village – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
Gargamel found the Smurfs’ village and scattered the Smurfs far and wide. With Papa Smurf’s guidance, it’s up to you to build a new village for the Smurfs to call home. Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more.

Textropolis – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 1.59€
Travel word-wide and build up your Textropolis by finding the words hidden in each city. Play through 30 different cities in this free-play word discovery game. Stumble across a new word? Textropolis includes definitions for every word in the game. Watch each city grow as you discover its words and add to your total Textropolis population! Shake your phone or iPod to get a helpful hint when you are stuck.

Free Books – 23,469 classics to go. – disponibila gratuit – iPad Only!
Ah, to describe an app in two words… Free Books is just that- Free Books! We take 23,469 classic books, package them up, and make them available to download and read with our fully featured ereader. Free Books unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. Letters of leaders, the collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian novels.

Geared for iPad – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 2.39€ – iPad Only!
Geared is a radically new and innovative puzzle game; a unique addition to its genre. The first and only Gear-based game with absolutely no snap-grid. Geared delivers complete and total freedom to the player, bestowing every puzzle with a near infinite array of choices. Pit your intellect against 150 uniquely designed levels, original to this game.

Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes – disponibila gratuit
Make your wish for a joint Christmas celebration! Create a funny virtual snow globe on your iPhone and put your wish for Christmas into it. Create a lovely small world and let it snow by tilting your iPhone. In the end, you can share your creation with your Facebook friends, and it appears as well on the Coca-Cola Christmas website amongst wishes from all over the world.

ContactsP 1 – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
You can now download the version 2 to get more features and updates! With the version 2, you will be able to send Emails and Text messages (SMS) to groups without having to add contacts one by one, there are push notifications for birthdays, a smart phone keypad which suggest numbers as you press keys, you will be able to search and sort for contacts by all fields, etc..

Connect My Mac – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
Connect to your Mac computers from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch at anytime! Great functionalities and It’s FREE! Multiple connections. Trackpad to move mouse cursor (also support click) and do mouse wheel scroll. Modifier keypad including Shift, Ctrl and Alt which enables you to press almost any key combinations. A cool functional keyboard: Cut, copy & paste and other shortcuts keypad, including HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, Arrow keys, etc.

Treasure Jones Free – disponibila gratuit
Experience the epic adventures of Jones in this action side-scrolling game with numerous collectible treasures. Introductory offer for full version at 80% off for 7 days! So hurry up and get it while you can at our discounted price! Collect antiques, jewels and weapons as you smash your way against wild animals through forest, desert, ancient temple and lots of exciting places on the mysterious island.

Crazy Ski! – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Tap your fingers or tilt your device to control the skier around trees, over rocks, collecting flags and boosting through power grids! Enjoy the thrill of taking to the slopes in Crazy Ski!
Control the skier using device movement left and right, and flick the device forward to make him jump!

Chess Crusades – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 5.49€ – iPad Only!
Chess Crusade is an exciting way to play one of the world’s most popular strategy games. The game of chess was invented sometime back in the 15th Century. Of course, back then the game was played on a simple board. The board was (and still is) made up of 64 dark and light squares arranged in an eight-by-eight square. The goal is to protect your King, while trying to capture your opponents King.

iBorders – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
In this application you are able to add a border to an image you have in your Library! You can also then set it as you background, so it creates a nice border effect around your other apps and such. Make Sure To Read The Help Screen. In the Help screen, it will show you how to use the app, and you will be able to send the developer suggestions for borders!

Cut Cut Boom Pro – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
Cut Cut Boom Pro is the most exciting game that you never played before. You impersonate a chef during the game. Just slice the animals on screen with your finger to clean their feathers. Be careful of bombs. If you touch them, the game is over.
The Ultimate Slaughtering Experience.

DerailedHD – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 2.99€ – iPad Only!
Derailed is an action-packed train navigation and passenger collection game. The game takes advantage of the iPad’s touch screen, allowing players’ the ability to achieve their objective of collecting all the passengers in the level by dragging track down with their finger. While you ‘lay the foundations’ in an effort to prevent your train from derailment, your duties as train driver command you to collect all the passengers through the games’ 20 different levels.

ZumoCast – Stream videos & music instantly – disponibila gratuit – Universala!
Play your video and music collection that’s spread across all your computers from your iPhone/iPad. No upload or sync required, the videos and music stay on your computers! ZumoCast is the BEST media streaming app in the AppStore! It’s FREE for a limited time, Get it NOW! Videos and music located on your computer are streamed real-time over 3G or WiFi to your iPad and iPhone.

High Noon – disponibila gratuit
Now with MORE GUNS, MORE LEVELS and “WILDCAT MODE” for quickly finding opponents!
Your phone is your weapon as you duel with people online around the world to become the most wanted outlaw on the planet! Win duels and collect reward money to customize your character. As you build your reputation, the bounty on your head will attract competition from around the globe!

Alerte Soferi – disponibila gratuit, pret initial 0.79€
SpeedTraps notifies drivers when entering speed camera areas according to their direction and it uses the current location and a local stored database with camera positions provided by www.POIplaza.com
SpeedTraps also notifies about live traffic events submitted by the user community or gathered from different traffic data providers.