Prima Pagina games 10 sfaturi de la Rovio pentru dezvoltatorii de jocuri pentru iOS

10 sfaturi de la Rovio pentru dezvoltatorii de jocuri pentru iOS


Rovio este compania dezvoltatoare a jocului Angry Birds care se afla instalat in terminalele mobile ale catorva zeci de milioane de persoane de pe intreaga planeta. Jocul a avut parte de un succes extraordinar pe toate platformele pe care este disponibil si totul se datoreaza dezvoltatorilor de la Rovio care prin Angry Birds au reusit sa salveze o companie care era la 2 pasi sa declare faliment. Totusi Angry Birds e mai mult decat un joc, e un fenomen social si un motiv de inspiratie pentru comercianti deoarece pana acum s-au facut o diversitate de produse inspirate din personajele celebrului joc.

Avand in vedere succesul inregistrat, Rovio prezinta 10 sfaturi pentru dezvoltatorii de jocuri care vor sa “dea lovitura” intr-o maniera asemanatoare :

  1. Wait ,it took 51 titles before reaching Angry Birds. In all this time the company has failed in its objectives, has accumulated experience.
  2. Exploit, create applications / games that fully exploit the capabilities of the devices for which they are designed. Angry Birds cleverly exploits the use of touchscreen technology.
  3. Spread, when you have a game of tip you can export to other platforms. Mobile, console, desktop, online. If it worked on a can not work on others.
  4. Extend, create applications / games without imposing limits on the type of users. Children and adults, easy and difficult problems. Everyone should use the most appropriate level. Let them decide.
  5. Teamwork, team up with a company that has relationships with Apple. Rovio published the first version of Angry Birds with Chillingo .
  6. Aim, point to smaller markets to draw sales and spread the application. Angry Birds was a hit in smaller markets before becoming one in the UK and U.S..
  7. Promote, use YouTube. It ‘a very inexpensive marketing tool but also very important to promote a brand. Trailer Angry Birds has more than 17 million views.
  8. Relating to, always open to direct dialogue with their users / customers by offering free upgrades, extras and improvements. The use of Twitter and Facebook is important.
  9. Connect, create new applications by connecting all together to create a virtuous circle.
  10. Check, it is essential to control its own brand. Each new introduction, every character, every game mode should have a logical connection with the background story of the game.