Prima Pagina aplicatii Widge – un nou sistem de widget-uri pentru iOS

Widge – un nou sistem de widget-uri pentru iOS


iOS-ul duce lipsa de multe lucruri si widget-urile se numara printre ele asa ca 2 dezvoltatori s-au gandit sa rezolve aceasta problema. Proiectul a fost anuntat acum aproape o luna si promite sa inlocuiasca Spotlight-ul din iOS cu o pagina unde vom putea afisa anumite widget-uri special facute pentru acest nou sistem. Widge este disponibil deocamdata doar ca si idee, se lucreaza la el insa dezvoltatorii promit ca il vor lansa in viitorul apropiat din Cydia. Toate informatiile despre noul sistem de widget-uri le aveti aici si daca doriti puteti participa si voi la dezvoltarea sa.

What is Widge?

Widge is an open source widgeting system for iOS that I’m building along with jailbreak superstar Dustin Howett. Widgets are single-purpose applications, much like the OS X Dashboard Widgets, Windows Vista/7 Gadgets and KDE Plasmoids. Widge has been built from the ground up to not affect system performance to a significant extent. This was a fundamental design decision which we believe makes Widge very competitive. The source is available at the Widge GitHub page. It’s GPLv3 licensed.

How does it work for the user?

On iOS, Apple has defined visual language for the homescreen that makes sense. Swipe to the right to see all your other pages, and the left to access Spotlight. Like many other iOS users, I don’t use Spotlight very frequently. Wouldn’t it be great if we could move Spotlight over a page to the left, and insert Widge in its place? That’s exactly how Widge works – you have a Dashboard-like page on Springboard to access your widgets. If you have more widgets than the page allows, they scroll.