Apple breveteaza un nou sistem care transforma textul in vorbire si vice versa

Brevete, brevete si iar brevete. Companiei Apple i-a mai fost inregistrat recent un brevet de inventie insa de aceasta data pentru un nou sistem de text-to-speech si speech-to-text pentru iDevices. Apple a conceput acest nou sistem pentru a rezolva problemele in care utilizatorii nu pot vorbi la telefon pentru ca se afla intr-o zona unde zgomotul este foarte mare sau o alta problema in care utilizatorul nu are un smartphone si nu poate citi measaje de tip text. Apple a gasit o rezolvare destul de simpla pentru aceste probleme: transformarea cuvintelor in litere si transformarea literelor in cuvinte. Atunci cand utilizatorul nu poate vorbi din cauza zgomotului, terminalul inregistreaza cuvintele, le transforma in text si le trimite celeilalte parti.

According to a new Apple patent application that was published this morning by the US Patent and Trademark Office, future iPhone’s are likely to provide end users with effective new ways of communicating in both noisy environments like a restaurant or even during a quiet office meeting without stirring a mouse. The system involves using new text-to-speech and speech-to-text converters as well as providing a means of sending prerecorded notifications to the caller if you’re unable to speak when answering your phone. I think that many will appreciate these new features and only hope that Apple could get these to market in good time.

Cealalta parte poate primi totul sub forma de text pe telefon sau poate primi textul iar iPhone-ul il poate citi singur. Procesul e similar si in cazul celor care suna de pe o linie fixa un utilizator cu un iPhone care nu poate vorbi, utilizatorul scrie un mesaj pe telefon iar mesajul este transformat de iPhone si este recitat catre utilizatorul de la celalalt capat al firului. Desigur ca totul functioneaza si pe baza unui sistem care detecteaza zgomotele ambientale si transforma vorbirea in text si vice-versa. Practic sistemul acesta ar usura foarte mult conversatiile insa eu unul sunt interesat sa vad cum il va implementa Apple.

A smartphone user may sometimes have to make or answer a phone call in a noisy environment. Noise could interfere with a phone conversation to a degree that the conversation is no longer intelligible to either conversing party. A user in the noisy environment may try to scream into the phone over the noise, but the screaming and the noise may render the voice signal unintelligible at the other end.

In another scenario, it may be inconvenient for a user to talk on a phone. For example, users may be in a meeting and don’t want to draw attention to themselves by speaking into the phone. The users may try to whisper into the phone, but the whispering may render the conversation unintelligible. The users may choose to send a text message to the other party, but the other party may be on a landline where texting is unavailable, or may not have a texting plan. It could be frustrating to conduct a telephone conversation when the environment is noisy or the circumstance is inappropriate for a user to speak.