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Video: iNetUsage iti spune ce aplicatii se conecteaza la internet si ce trafic genereaza



iNetUsage este un nou tweak extrem de util pentru posesorii de iDevices deoarece ne spune care dintre aplicatiile noastre se conecteaza la internet si cat trafic, consuma ele la fiecare conectare. Exista destul de multe aplicatii care fac lucruri asemanatoare insa iNetUsage ne ofera informatii detaliate cu privire la fiecare aplicatie in parte, cu privire la traficul consumat de fiecare aplicatie si in plus avem optiunea de a vedea daca acel trafic a fost consumat prin Wi-Fi sau 3G. iNetUsage este un utilitar foarte bine realizat care ne permite sa verificam modul in care a fost consumat fiecare MB de trafic din abonamentul nostru.

Va recomand iNetUsage pentru a verifica in mod constant care dintre aplicatiile voastre se conecteaza la internet si ce fel de trafic genereaza. Puteti vedea toate conexiunile listate chiar si pe zile deci este o metoda excelenta de a avea sub control iDevice-ul vostru. iNetUsage este disponibil in Cydia pentru 1.99$ in repo-ul BigBoss.

iNetUsage is an extension that monitors the network activity of your applications.

If you’ve ever received a hefty data bill and wondered ‘which application did that?!’, this usage meter is for you!

Specify a date range, and see your network usage broken down by application and network device.

iNetUsage does a pretty good job at tracking normal application network usage, but it is not perfect. In particular, these things may not be tracked:
– Non-TCP/UDP traffic
– VPN traffic
– Protocol overheads in TCP/UDP/IP
– Command-line/daemon programs
– Applications that run as root, such as Cydia

No new icons are added to your home screen – you can find iNetUsage under the General -> Usage panel in your Settings app.