iRetiner GUI 2.0 disponibil, aduce multe noutati, transforma iconitele normale in Retina Ready


      iRetiner GUI este o aplicatie disponibila pentru iDevice-uri de mai bine de jumatate de an care ne permite sa transformam iconitele normale in iconite Retina Ready pentru terminalele iPhone 4. Foarte multi posesori de terminale iPhone 4 au preluat munca developerilor si si-au transformat singuri iconitele intr-un format compatibil cu ecranul retina al terminalului iPhone 4. Dupa jumatate de an de la lansarea oficiala tweak-ul a fost actualizat in cursul acestei seri si versiunea 2.0 aduce foarte multe noutati pentru utilizatori.

       Iata ce aduce iRetiner GUI 2.0 :

  • New design
  • New icon
  • Removed the Refresh/Respring choice (will always refresh)
  • New way to detect apps’ icons
  • New circular progress instead of the progress bar
  • Modified the way the ‘Repair non-HD apps’ section detect non-HD apps
  • Changed style of both ‘Repair non-HD apps’ and ‘Restore repaired apps’
  • Moved the ‘Fix white icons’ button to the Options list
  • Fixed startup crash on iOS5
  • Will do a respring instead of refresh on iOS5
  • Added a link to our twitters accounts in the about pop-up
  • Added some info in the about pop-up
  • Now show some text when there is no app in the ‘Repair non-HD apps’ and/or ‘Restore repaired apps’ pages
  • Changed the ‘i’ button to a ‘?’ button in the log page
  • Now quits with an animation when the operation is done
  • Fixed typos in both french end english translations
  • Fixed a lot of memory leaks
  • Now resizes iTunesArtwork (attempts to fix lag issue)
  • Better support for the iPad
  • New launch image
  • Users with devices that doesn’t have retina display will not be able to use this

     iRetiner GUI 2.0 este disponibil gratuit in Cydia in repo-ul BigBoss.