Prima Pagina aplicatii SMS+ disponibil in Cydia, aduce functii noi pentru aplicatia Messages

SMS+ disponibil in Cydia, aduce functii noi pentru aplicatia Messages


    SMS+ este un nou tweak ce tocmai a fost lansat in Cydia in cursul serii trecute si care aduce o serie intreaga de functii interesante pentru aplicatia Messages din iOS. Noul tweak are un meniu de setari in aplicatia Settings din iOS iar de acolo putem modifica felul in care aplicatia functioneaza. Tweak-ul este special conceput pentru a imbunatati semnificativ experienta de utilizare a aplicatiei Messages din iOS insa pastrand formatul cu care ne-am obisnuit deja. Cele mai importante functii ale SMSPlus includ:

  • posiiblitatea de a activa functia quick reply sau quick compose folosind un gest;
  • posibilitatea de a seta ce gesturi activeaza cele 2 functii de mai sus;
  • posibilitatea de a activa functia de citire a mesajelor primite impreuna cu numele expeditorului;
  • posibilitatea de a adauga timestamps pentru mesaje;
  • posibilitatea de a bloca aplicatia Messages;
  • posibilitatea de utiliza functia Later pentru a tine un mesaj necitit pana aveti timp sa il cititi

     SMS+ aduce o buna parte dintre functiile aplicatiilor BiteSMS sau iRealSMS insa la un pret mult mai mic si intr-o maniera mult mai simpla de utilziat. Practic la SMSPlus nu trebuie sa instalati o aplicatie separata ci pur si simplu aveti totul integrat in interfata iOS-ului. SMS+ va fi disponibil in Cydia incepand de astazi la pretul de 1.99$.

SMS+ is the best solution to improve your SMS experience on iOS. It integrates perfectly in the native SMS application, adding to it those functionalities you won’t ever be able to stay without after having tried them.

SMS+ allows you to quickly reply to an incoming sms without leaving the app you’re using, or even bring up (via an Activator gesture) a new window where you can compose a new message, choosing the address from your contacts. It also includes a “Later” feature, which you can use to keep a message unread to read it later (an icon in the Status Bar will remember you that it’s there). You can also choose to make your iPhone “speak” an incoming message, maybe when you’re driving or you can’t look at your iPhone’s screen. There are also some other extra options right inside the SMS app, like mark all messages as read, delete all messages, timestamp every message, show/hide conversations and a “Pull to sort” feature, to toggle the conversations sorting between dates and senders.

SMS+ actually improves your SMS experience!