Prima Pagina aplicatii Video: Warm Gun disponibil in App Store Romania

Video: Warm Gun disponibil in App Store Romania


    Warm Gun este un third person shooter dezvoltat pentru paltforma iOS utilizand motorul grafic Unreal Engine 3 al celor de la Epic Games despre care am vorbit acum cateva saptamani. Practic jocul ne aduce in prim-plan razboiul unui cowboy care trebuie sa omoare creaturi venite din viitor sa omoare toti pamantenii. Fiind un shooter, Warm Gun ne va oferi un gameplay plin de arme, gloante si NPC-uri pe care le putem omora in cele mai diverse moduri deci este un titlu potrivit pentru orice fan al shooterelor.

   In cursul serii trecute jocul a fost oficial lansat in App Store Romania in 2 versiuni: una gratuita cu putine functii si una completa care ne ofera acces la tot jocul plus modulul multiplayer. Iata principalele caracteristici ale Warm Gun :

– Welcome to the world of Warm Gun, the 2nd coming of the Wild West. A post-apocalyptic romp through the ravaged “Divided States of America”!
– Warm Gun iOS is a free form FPS (this game ain’t got no rails!) where you, the player, must fight for survival! 
– Easy to learn, hard to master – Do you have what it takes? 

Warm Gun features 4 distinct character classes, each with his own attributes and weapons! 
– The Preacher: Dual wielding, pistol toting gunslinger who can hold his own in any battle. 
-The 49er: Boom! This old gunner still packs a punch with his heavy shotgun and trusty revolver. 
-The Shaman: Deadly at any range, this Shaman wields unholy power from the past! 
-The Blacksmith: His tank-like presence is enough to shake yer boots off! Mowing enemies down with his Stampeder is all in a day’s work. 

– Unique 3D environments powered by the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 send players on-site to one of five spectacular post-apocalyptic locations! 

– Warm Gun is jammed packed with traps, triggers, and events. Players can utilize a number of killer traps to dominate your enemies. Exploding TNT barrels, Falling Cars and Sewer Land Mines to name just a few!

Each Gunner comes Equipped with three devastating weapons!
– Utilize instant Kill melee weapons for that added, up close and personal touch!
– Gun down your opponents with heavy flack from your shotgun or mow them down with the Stampeder Chaingun!
– Got more enemies than bullets? Switch to your grenades and cause some splash damage!

– Not only does Warm Gun offer Online multi-player action, but it also delivers in Offline mode. Hone your skills and master the environments as you frag AI Bots across all five unique levels in offline mode. 

– Select one of three different control schemes and adjust their sensitivity for maximum control! 

– Support indie game development and show your love! 
– Emotional Robots is a self-funded, independent games developer. Whats not to love?

– We believe in Warm Gun so much that we are offering a free stand alone app, Warm Gun: Carnival of Bullets! 

    Versiunea completa a jocului este disponibila pentru 3.99€ si functioneaza atat pe iPhone/iPod Touch cat si pe tableta iPad iar versiunea “demo” este disponibila gratuit.

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Warm Gun



Developer: Emotional Robots …
Categoria: Games

Descriere: “Warm Gun will pull your eyeballs out of your head at first glance.” – TouchArcade
“Something totally different and off the charts.” – PocketFullOfApps
“So far we can’t find anything we don’t like about this package…” – Mac Life
“Warm Gun is like Bord…

Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 187.3 Mb

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Warm Gun CoB



Developer: Emotional Robots …
Categoria: Games

Descriere: “Warm Gun will pull your eyeballs out of your head at first glance.” – TouchArcade
“Something totally different and off the charts.” – PocketFullOfApps
“Warm Gun is like Borderlands and Team Fortress had a baby” – Destructoid
“It is like having your gamin…

Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 118.1 Mb

  • alexx

    poate e de la mine ceva dar jocul se misca extrem de nasol pe i4 ios 4.3.3

  • Anton

    Ce tare – Asta e un fel de Doom sau Heretic de pe vremea cand eram noi mici :))
    Bine putin mai evoluat.

  • cam nasol pe i4 … ce faci daca il cumperi si iti merge naspa?

  • ionel

    foarte prost optimizat ,da crash pe 3gs

  • alexx

    am crezut k numai la mine e problema dar se pare ca jocul nu e deloc optimizat, cred ca trebuie sa ne asteptam la un val de update-uri si asta sper cat mai rapid pt ca jocul pare super mai ale online.