Angajatii Apple primesc zile libere suplimentare datorita succesului companiei din ultimul an


    In fiecare an in perioada zilei recunostintei angajatii Apple primeau cateva zile libere cu ocazia respectivei sarbatori americane insa anul acesta Tim Cook si-a anuntat staff-ul ca va avea parte de mai multe zile libere platite datorita succesului companiei Apple. In ultimul an compania din Cupertino a avut parte de o crestere semnificativa a vanzarilor, totul multumita terminalului iPhone 4, tabletei iPad 2, Mac-urilor si noului Mac OS X Lion iar Tim Cook a considerat ca angajatii sai merita recompensati pentru efortul depus. Cred ca aceasta este o metoda buna de a atrage angajatii de partea sa, mai ales ca acum a ramas la conducerea Apple fara Steve Jobs.


I consider it an honor to come to work every day alongside the most innovative and most dedicated people on earth. This is an extraordinary time to be at Apple, and it’s all made possible by your incredible efforts.

We’ve had a record-setting year so far and we’re heading into the holidays with the strongest product lineup in our history. Customers are absolutely in love with the iPad 2, and the amazing new iPhone 4S is off to the best start of any iPhone we’ve ever made. The Mac is soaring to new heights with OS X Lion, and on the eve of its 10th birthday, the iPod is still the world’s most popular music player.

In recognition of the hard work you’ve put in this year, we’re going to take some extra time off for Thanksgiving. We will shut down with pay on November 21, 22 and 23 so our teams can spend the entire week with their families and friends.

Of course, Retail and some other groups will need to work that week so we can continue to serve our customers. If you’re in one of these groups, please check with your manager about taking time off at a later date. Our international teams will schedule their three-day shutdowns this quarter at a time that’s best for them. Details will be available on AppleWeb.

I hope everyone enjoys this much deserved break.