Video: iPhone 4S GLONASS GPS vs iPhone 4 GPS



    In iPhone 4S Apple a implementat un sistem de localizare prin satelit denumt GLONASS si conceput de catre Uniunea Sovietica. Sistemul functioneaza in paralel cu, clasicul GPS si ar trebui sa imbunatateasca modul in care terminalele noastre ne localizeaza in aplicatia Maps sau in alte aplicatii asemanatoare. Cei de la Anandtech au testat sistemul implementat de catre Apple in noul sau dispozitiv pentru a vedea cat de bine se descurca in fata terminalului iPhone 4 iar clipul video de mai sus ar trebui sa fie cat se poate de sugestiv.

Just like with the CDMA iPhone 4, I drove around and recorded a video to illustrate GPS performance, since unfortunately iDevices still don’t report direct GPS NMEA data. The 4S has a very constant error radius circle in the Maps application and shows little deviation while traveling, whereas the 4 sometimes wanders, changes horizontal accuracy, and velocity. In addition, the 4S GPS reports the present position in the proper lane the whole time as well, while the 4 is slightly shifted. I don’t think many people complained about the GPS performance on the 4, but both time to fix and overall precision are without a doubt improved over the GSM/UMTS 4. Subjectively, indoor performance seems much improved, and I’ve noticed that the iPhone 4S will report slightly better horizontal accuracy than the 4 (using MotionX-GPS on iOS) indoors.

    Practic iPhone 4S afiseaza constant o pozitie corecta in timp ce iPhone 4 afiseaza pozitii usor diferite de-a lungul traseului dar diferenta dintre cele doua este minora. Implementarea sistemului GLONASS nu va imbunatati dramatic modul in care sunt localizate terminalele noastre pe harta si diferentele dintre cele doua terminale sunt cu siguranta demne de a fi neglijate.