Twitterrific update disponibil in App Store, aduce multe noutati


   Twitterrific este una dintre cele mai complete aplicatii care ne permit administrarea propriului cont de Twitter si recent dezvoltatorii ei au lansat o noua versiune in App Store care aduce foarte multe noutati. Pe langa bug fix-uri si imbunatatiri aduse performantei aplicatiei, dezvoltatorii au modificat extrem de multe lucruri, totul in ideea de a oferi utilizatorilor o experienta cat se poate de placuta in timpul utilizarii aplicatiei. Iata ce aduce nou Twitterrific 4.3.3 :


  • Attaching a photo now has a “Use Latest Photo” option
  • Uses the new Twitter-type keyboard on iOS 5 which includes @ & #
  • Advanced preference to reset tweet caches & clear all timelines


  • Search results now show the real name of the author and not just their username
  • Adjustments to the ‘Load More’ button for better handling of gaps
  • Auto-refresh when posting a tweet so you don’t have to back-track to catch up
  • More reliable color coding of tweets especially in lists, search results, etc.
  • Copying a link in a tweet resolves into the complete URL when pasted or emailed
  • Conversation information now displayed on RT’s when available
  • Images in the photo viewer popover are now cached for faster browsing
  • Tapping the broken image icon in the photo viewer will re-load the picture
  • Deleting an account now removes the tweet database associated with that account
  • RT’d tweets now display the time stamp of when they were originally posted
  • Better handling of non-image Camera+ URL’s (for blog posts & videos)
  • Added the ‘Load More’ button to the tweet list of user profiles
  • More reliable handling of video URL’s (open in browser)


  • Fixed an old bug preventing stock quotes ($APPL, etc.) from linking
  • Sometimes the “(number) new tweets” status bar reported an incorrect number
  • Fixed a problem causing incorrect character counts when composing tweets with bare URL’s
  • Fixed a bug that prevented fav’ed tweets from displaying within lists
  • Fixed a bug that scrolled timeline to the bottom when deleting a tweet at the top
  • Fixed a parsing problem that prevented URL’s containing <,> from working
  • Fixed a problem where links to lists were linking to user profiles instead
  • Fixed several problems that prevented some user’s avatars from loading

   Twitterrific este disponibila gratuit in App Store in format universal.

Pretul initial:
Twitterrific for Twitter



Developer: The Iconfactory
Categoria: Social Networking

Descriere: Macworld’s 2010 App Gems Awards – Twitter Client of the Year

Now a universal app for both iPad & iPhone, Twitterrific is the friendly, award-winning Twitter client thats beautiful to look at easy to use…

Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 7.2 Mb