Video: iPhone folosit ca puc de hochei, a zburat cu 132 KM/h



  G-Form, producatorii celebrelor carcase indestructibile pentru iPad, isi promoveaza acum carcasele pentru terminale iPhone si o fac intr-un mod original. Pentru a demonstra cat de bine protejeaza carcasa G-Form un terminal iPhone 4, dispozitivul a fost folosit ca si puc de hochei. Daca va uitati la clipul video de mai sus veti observa ca iPhone protejat de carcasa G-Form este lovit si zboara cu aproximativ 132 KM/h, conform producatorilor, in poarta si functioneaza fara nicio problema desi este supus unei lovituri violente.

That dreaded feeling when your iPhone takes a tumble: it’s something many of us know too well. Enjoy your iPhone 4/4S anxiety-free with our X-Protect for iPhone 4/4S.  This is made possible by G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT™): a composite blend of Poron® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology. G-Form iPhone cases offer dual-layer protection by combining a tough rigid exterior shell with an inner RPT™ core that extends through the shell to provide complete extreme impact protection. Shockproof and abrasion-resistent, the X-Protect for iPhone 4/4S is ready to stand up to the rigors of everyday use — along with any adventure you choose to undertake.

  G-Form X-Protect se numeste carcasa promovata de catre cei de la G-Form si ea poate fi cumparata pentru 40$ de pe site-ul producatoilor. Mai jos aveti un clip video de prezentare pentru noua carcasa.