Scandalul Antennagate a fost rezolvat de un \”geniu\” al marketing-ului la cererea lui Steve Jobs



  In vara anului 2010 Apple avea o mare mare problema si ea se numea Antennagate. Atunci terminalul iPhone 4 fusese lansat pe piata si din pacate el pierdea semnal daca o anumita parte a carcasei sale era acoperita cu mana. Intregul scandal a fost numit Antennagate atunci si Apple a fost intens criticata de catre presa mondiala pentru iPhone-ul sau desi dispozitivul s-a dovedit a fi cel mai bine vandut iPhone de pana acum. Problema pentru Apple era atat de mare incat Steve Jobs a decis sa ceara ajutorul unui fost “geniu” al marketing-ului, numit Regis McKenna, care era retras din activitate de un deceniu.

Steve called me from Hawaii and told me he had a big problem. I knew what it was because I had been reading about it. He asked if I would meet him at Apple the next day, where he led a group discussion. I looked at the data, which was really interesting. They had more complaints and service calls on the phone before it than they did on the iPhone 4. Because of that, I did not think it was a significant problem. I thought it was a media-cycle issue and that they should address it with the data they had and be confident about the outcome rather than be apologetic. That’s what Steve did. The issue vanished within probably 10 days. My conversations with Steve over the years became more friends and personal than business. That wasn’t a business contact, at least in my mind or in his; it was more calling somebody who had been a friend for many years and asking “What do you think?”

  La cererea lui Jobs acesta a venit la sediul Apple din Cupertino si l-a sfatuit pe CEO-ul Apple sa spuna lumii intregi ca iPhone 4 avea parte de mult mai putine plangeri decat iPhone 3GS si sa ofere Bumper-ul gratuit tuturor celor care aveau nevoie de el. Conform lui problema a disparut in 10 zile insa multi dintre cei care au cumparat un iPhone 4 au experimentat-o pana astazi daca nu au avut um Bumper dar din punct de vedere al strategiei de PR totul s-a rezolvat rapid si cu succes.