Iata intregul changelog al iOS 5.1


iOS 5.1

  iOS 5.1 este disponibil de 5 zile prin intermediul iTunes si foarte multi utilizatori s-au grabit sa il instaleze si sa il testeze pe propriile dispozitive. Apple a mentionat destul de putine schimbari in noua versiune a sistemului de operare insa in realitate lista este destul de lunga pentru ca majoritatea modificarilor au fost prea mici pentru a fi luate in seama de toti utilizatorii. Mai jos v-am listat toate modificarile pe care Apple le-a implementat in iOS 5.1 atat pentru iDevice-uri cat si pentru noul Apple TV 3rd generation.

  • Initial release on iPad (3rd generation)
  • Enhanced Siri dictation support during text input “on supported devices” (iPhone 4S in 2011).
  • Carrier updates (e.g. AT&T 12.0).
  • AT&T indicator now says “4G” when applicable (HSPA+, iPhone 4S only).
  • Baseband updates.
  • Battery life reportedly fixed.
  • Fixes iPhone 4S support for Caller ID Name Display (on supported carriers – i.e. Rogers & Fido in Canada).
  • Users can now enter any Apple ID to sign-up for an iCloud account. Previously, they had to use (or create a new) me.com email Apple ID.
  • Images can now be removed manually from the Photo Stream in iCloud. Any photos deleted are now also removed from other iOS devices connected to iCloud.
  • Shake-to-shuffle bug fix, which caused the Music app to freeze.
  • The Setup Assistant caused an “infinite setup loop” for some users. When the setup was completed, the iPhone would jump back to a “thank you” screen ad infinitum. Users had to reboot the device to restore functionality.
  • Bluetooth bug fix; enabling Bluetooth and returning to home screen, the Bluetooth icon still remains in the status bar.
  • Possible bug fixes on Wi-Fi signal strength on all devices.
  • Safari, Bookmarks list no longer automatically displayed on browser opening, if last page opened before closing was blank.
  • Safari, address bar added text (Go to this address).
  • Fixed Music coverflow slowdowns.
  • Minor UI changes in Maps.
  • Improved Assistive Touch.
  • Improved Location Services.
  • License column added under the About menu.
  • App Store download limit over 3G increased from 20 to 50 MB.
  • Legal changes to Legal Notices in the “about” tab.
  • Smart playlists now appear in correct order on iPhone rather than reverse order.
  • New speaker icon next to song name of song currently playing.
  • Combined Voice/Data Roaming Switch on iPhone.
  • “Sleep iPod” function in clock application changed to “Stop Playing”.
  • Japanese language support for Siri (availability may be limited during initial rollout).
  • Camera shortcut now always visible on Lock Screen for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (4th generation).
  • Camera face detection now highlights all detected faces.
  • Redesigned Camera app for iPad.
  • Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match subscribers.
  • Audio for TV shows and movies on iPad optimized to sound louder and clearer.
  • Podcast controls for playback speed and a 30 second rewind for iPad.
  • Updated AT&T network indicator.
  • Fixes an issue that occasionally caused audio to drop for outgoing calls.
  • Ability to disable 3G on iPhone 4S in certain carrier where previously hidden.

  Si noutatile pentru Apple TV 3rd generation:

  • Initial release on Apple TV (3rd generation).
  • Support for 1080p video resolution (3rd generation only).
  • Completely redesigned menus.
    • Content categories now resemble iOS app icons.
    • Third-party apps (Netflix, YouTube, NBA, Flickr, etc.) have their own icon.
  • Ability to create a Netflix account on Apple TV, and pay through an iTunes account.
  • Support for purchased movies through iTunes in the Cloud.
  • Device restart function.