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BiteSMS 6.2 disponibil in Cydia


  BiteSMS este un utilitar care va ajuta sa inlocuiti aplicatia nativa Messages pentru a administra mesajele SMS trimise/primite pe propriile terminale iPhone. Tweak-ul extinde functionalitatea aplicatiei native Messages prin adaugarea unor functii ce in mod normal nu sunt disponibile vreunui iPhone deoarece Apple nu doreste sa le implementeze deocamdata. Din luna decembrie si pana acum dezvoltatorii BiteSMS nu au lansat vreun update pentru tweak insa in cursul serii trecute versiunea 6.2 a fost oficial lansata si ea aduce foarte multe noutati pentru utilizatori :

  • FINALLY! Added Camera and Photo icon (via biteSMS pop-up menu) so you can easily send photo’s in Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • Added an ‘Opt Out’ of a conversation feature. Ideal for spam or group messages or even keeping a ‘quiet’ conversation. Long holding on a conversation toggles notification alerts on or off.
  • Added a ‘Copy to Clipboard’ feature. Ever wanted to copy an entire conversation and then for example email a copy of it. It’s easy now using biteSMS, go into any conversation (tap the status bar to go to top of convo) then tap [Copy to Clipboard].
  • Tapping the biteSMS status bar icon now launches Quick Reply if there’s just one pending message (otherwise slides open the Notification Center).
  • Added Orientation Lock for Quick Compose and Quick Reply. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff.
  • Added ability to specify a group message contact pic. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff > Contact Pics.
  • Much better integration with Siri for iPhone 4S devices.
  • Now compliant with iOS 5.1.
  • Added some simple theme support. There is a file you can create and edit to specify the color of the QR and QC text fields. Only create the file and add details for fields you want to change.
  • The file is /Applications/ (this file is not there as we don’t want to overwrite it for each release).
  • You need to create it for your own purposes. However there is a QR-theme.example for reference purposes).
  • Bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements.

  BiteSMS este disponibil gratuit in Cydia si functioneaza pe orice versiune a iOS insa pentru a il folosi dupa expirarea perioadei de proba trebuie sa cumparati o licenta de la dezvoltatori. BiteSMS va da posibilitatea si de a folosi serviciile dezvoltatorilor pentru a trimite mesaje la preturi mult mai mici decat cele ale operatorilor de telefonie mobila si mai multe puteti afla aici.