Prima Pagina aplicatii Infinity Blade este disponibil pentru doar 0.79€ in App Store(Video)

Infinity Blade este disponibil pentru doar 0.79€ in App Store(Video)



  Infinity Blade era in luna decembrie a anului 2010 cel mai avansat joc pentru platforma iOS, atat din punct de vedere grafic, cat si din punct de vedere al gameplay-ului. Epic Games si Chair Entertainment au dezvoltat acest titlu si l-au prezentat pentru prima oara la o conferinta Apple, iar decizia de a produce acest joc s-a dovedit a fi una extrem de buna deoarece titlul a avut un succes extraordinar. Pentru ca jocul este atat de popular, dezvoltatorii sai s-au gandit sa il ofere la pret promotional pentru o perioada de timp si va recomand sa il cumparati daca nu ati facut-o inca.


For untold ages, the God King has ruled with an iron fist – his power is incalculable; his followers, legion. Now you must journey to the Dark Citadel to battle his Titans, one by one, until you face the tyrant himself. As it has been for all in your bloodline, this is your birthright – to free your people from an endless legacy of darkness. The immortal can be vanquished – but only if heart, mind, and steel are one.


Spectacular 3D characters and environments powered by the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 bring to life the story of a lone knight’s pursuit to save civilization.


Attack, dodge, block, and cast devastating spells – all with the simple swipe of a finger.

  Infinity Blade este disponibil sub forma unei aplicatii universale care functioneaza pe orice iDevice-uri.

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Infinity Blade



Developer: Chair Entertainme…
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Descriere: Winner of the 2011 Apple Design Award, and more than 20 Game of the Year & Top App awards! Tons of NEW FREE CONTENT available now! See below for more details.

From Epic Games award-winning studio, ChAIR Entertainment, comes Infinity Blade, a new sword …

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