Lima – o alternativa pentru Cydia pe care o poti testa acum(Video)



  Anul trecut am vorbit pentru prima oara despre Lima, o alternativa pentru Cydia care instaleaza aplicatiile si tweak-urile prin intermediul browserului Safari. Timp de un an de zile dezvoltatorii Lima au lucrat intens la perfectionarea sistemului de instalare si la problemele de scuritate, iar acum au o versiune semi-beta pe care oricine o poate testa. Practic Lima va permite sa faceti exact aceleasi lucruri precum Cydia, insa in cazul acestui nou sistem nu mai deschideti o aplicatie instalata in iDevice-ul vostru ci accesati o aplicatie web prin care se instaleaza totul.

  Lima nu este deocamdata pregatit pentru a fi lansat oficial, insa dezvoltatorii sai sustin ca lucreaza in mod constant pentru imbunatatirea sistemului, iar in curand ar trebui sa avem totul disponibil. Daca sunteti interesati sa testati Lima, atunci trebuie sa va inscrieti in aceasta pagina si sa asteptati un email de la dezvoltatori.

Thanks to B.B.

So how does this work?

The real magic behind Lima is the simple lightweight plugin which runs on your device, it enables the browser to do things normal web browsers can’t do. Not going to make this too technical, if you want to know how it exactly works a bit of reverse engineering will get you pretty far 🙂 

Doesn’t that “plugin” introduce a new security problem?

Well I spent a lot of time building a solid system to make sure that there is no way those actions will be preformed unless you choose to preform them. Currently it even isn’t possible for sites other then to install packages on your device. If you do manage to find a way around the Lima security system, shoot an email to and if you’re right you’ll receive a cookie and a honorable spot in the credits of Lima. 

What about dependencies, dependency chains, conflicts?

Lima current can handle dependencies, dependency chains and conflicts. There might be a few bugs in the system doing that as its hard to test a system like that without having enough testers. 

So Lima is much better than Cydia, right?

To be honest, I have no answer to that question. It’s up to you to decide. Lima might be faster at performing certain tasks, though during the beta period we’re monitoring multiple things and the whole system isn’t optimized yet so it isn’t running at full speed yet. Lima also has some interesting new features like support for OTA installations. Again, I’m not going to be arrogant and claim Lima is better than Cydia, it’s all up to you to decide.