MuscleNerd si primul sau terminal Android


  Celebrul hacker si dezvoltator de solutii de jailbreak si unlock pentru iDevice-uri, MuscleNerd, a anuntat aseara pe Twitter ca a intrat in posesia primului sau terminal Android. Inainte sa va speriati prea tare si sa credeti ca MuscleNerd paraseste posesorii de iDevice-uri, va spun ca acel telefon este unul special oferit hackerilor care participa la conferinta Defcon 20 care are loc la Las Vegas in momentul de fata. Terminalel HTC sunt ale operatorului Ninja Tel care ofera o retea de telefonie mobila speciala pentru o parte dintre hackerii prezenti la eveniment.

The lucky invitees will get a brand-new HTC phone in snappily designed Ninja-Tel packaging. There’s even a custom-printed Ninja-Tel SIM card. Invitees will get to choose their own phone numbers and can talk or text with other people on the Ninja-Tel network; address books are synced across devices and updated when new people sign up. The phones can’t tie to regular cellular networks, and the Ninja-Tel network won’t accept regular phones. (Or at least that’s the case initially; it’s probably not wise to use the word “can’t” when you’re talking about a convention hall with thousands of hackers in it.)

The network only covers the Rio Hotel, which is hosting DefCon. But the phones also contain a few surprises.

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