Microsoft actualizeaza suita Office pentru Web, o face compatibila cu iOS-ul

  Office Web Apps este o platforma online a companiei Microsoft care permite utilizatorilor sa foloseasca aplicatii din suita Microsoft Office direct prin intermediul unui browser. Platforma este disponibila de ceva vreme pentru utilizatori, insa acum doua zile Microsoft a anuntat ca ea este oficial compatibila si cu platforma iOS, mai exact cu iDevice-urile. Cei de la Microsoft permit acum posesorilor de iDevice-uri sa acceseze platforma si sa utilizeze gesturi multitouch pentru a manipula documentele disponibile acolo.

  Microsoft ne permite sa facem zoom in documente, sa selectam diverse puncte ale unui document pentru a introduce text, sa folosim drag-uri pentru a trece de la o margine a alteia a documentului si la atat se rezuma optiunile implementate de catre Microsoft. Folosind aceasta suita web puteti citi orice fel de documente in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint si One Note, iar contul de pe website-ul Apple poate fi sincronizat cu cel de pe Facebook Messages, SkyDrive, Hotmail sau

Today, we are excited to introduce you to a new dimension for input – Touch – to bring the full-fledged capabilities of viewing and editing in the Office Web Apps to tablets and browsers that support touch, including IE on Windows 8, and mobile Safari on iOS. 

I wrote this post over a few days and edited it a few times. Like most of you, I wasn’t sitting at my desk all the time, nor did I carry a laptop out to my kid’s fencing practice. I started writing the post on my desktop at work and, with my document up on Skydrive and available anywhere, I continued editing it on my tablet.

Trends and patterns in usage and behavior that emerged from user research helped us target two scenarios: 

1.       Reading and consuming document content and viewing presentations and spreadsheets will be fast, delightful and captivating.

  • Reading and consuming information was the favorite activity for most people on a tablet.
  • People browse through documents and presentations and make comments on content shared by colleagues and friends.
  • Others wanted to aggregate all the research on buying cars into their OneNote web app and have it on hand on their tablet as they negotiate their car purchase.

 2.       Lightweight editing will be highly satisfying as people add, modify and revise documents

  • Moms like me want to quickly sign up to bring dessert for my kid’s school potluck shared by the school’s PTSA in a spreadsheet.
  • Students want to make quick edits to the paper they are working on and collaborate on the presentation that they need to polish.