Texture Pro – o tema interesanta pentru iPhone-ul tau


  Texture Pro este o tema recent lansata in Cydia pentru posesorii de terminale iPhone, iar cu ajutorul ei puteti schimba aspectul interfatei iOS-ului instalat in propriul dispozitiv. Tema o imbunatateste pe cea nativa schimband substantial elementele ei, dezvoltatorul sustinand ca oricine va fi multumit sa o instaleze in propriul iPhone. Tema contine doua seturi de status bar-uri, doua seturi de butoane pentru aplicatii, aternative pentru aplicatiile native din iOS, dar si cateva elemente ale noului iOS 6 care va fi lansat in toamna acestui an.

  Texture Pro este disponibila in repo-ul ModMyi al Cydia si functioneaza cu iOS 5.x.

Screenshots are located below, more screenshots are located at the official forum thread. Do you love the way iOS handles your interface? Do you always end up going back to the default look? Ever stopped and thought for a second.. this interface needs a little help. Well look no further, Texture takes care of that with it’s interface that will catch ANY eye. After hours of work, after hours of hair pulling, and after hours of sweat. I gladly present to you guys; Texture.

This theme contains the following:

  • All stock apps themed, also will come with alternatives
  • Music player app, Phone app, Notes app, Calculator app, Compass app, Weather app and all other stocks apps and second party apps themed and rounded corners
  • Two different sets of Navigation Bars
  • Two different sets of Navigation Buttons
  • Status bar icons
  • Lockscreen

And since I wanted to keep the iOS feel, I decided to include some stuff from iOS 6, so you can say this baby is up and ready for what’s coming next! ;D

  • What’s planned for future updates:
  • More apps themed and rounded corners
  • More and better icons
  • Full status bar replacement
  • Two more set of Navigation Bars without corners
  • Will completely theme all stock apps
  • More defaults
  • And other minor images that need to be themed