iPad 4 a fost dezasamblata, are un ecran facut de LG, iPad Mini are un chip A5 de 32 nm


  La scurt timp dupa dezasamblarea iPad Mini, cei de la iFixIT au reusit sa achizitioneze o tableta iPad 4 pe care au desfacut-o si o prezinta lumii. Structura interna a tabletei este identica, cu cea a iPad 3, ecranul este facut de catre LG, si probabil altii, ea are un port Lightning, camera FaceTime HD, chip A6X, si o baterie care pare sa fie identica, cu cea din iPad 3. Practic in iPad 4 Apple a schimbat doar componente, restul ramanand la fel, lucru normal avand in vedere ca iPad 4 nu este un upgrade important, ci doar unul de relevanta medie.

  • The display is manufactured by LG, as opposed to the Samsung display found in the third-generation iPad torn down by iFixit. Apple does, however, source many of its components from multiple vendors, so it is unclear whether Apple has excluded Samsung from display production on the fourth-generation iPad.
  • The logic board remains the same size as in the previous model, but Apple has tweaked the layout of some of the chips.
  • The new Lightning port is housed in a frame that is equal in size to that of the 30-pin dock connector in the previous generation, meaning that Apple has not saved any interior space with the move to the Lightning connector. Apple will, however, almost certainly take advantage of the reduction in space needed for the Lightning connector in a more significant redesign for a future generation.
  • The improved front-facing camera is slightly thicker than in the previous model, but fits into the same space within the device’s body.
  • The battery carries the same A1389 part number as in the third-generation iPad.
  • Just like in the third-generation iPad, the fourth-generation model contains 1 GB of RAM housed in two Elpida chips separate from the A6X package.

  In ceea ce priveste tableta iPad Mini, ei bine tableta foloseste chip-ul A5 produs folosind un proces de fabricatie de 32 nm, el fiind inclus in iPad 2 2012 care a fost lansata in primavara acestui an. Samsung produce acest chip pentru Apple, cel din iPad Mini este identic cu cel din iPad 2 2012, deci performantele ar trebui sa fie asemanatoare. Era de altfel logic, ca Apple sa implementeze un produs pe care il produce deja cu partenerii sai si eficienta sa isi va spune cuvantul atat in ceea ce priveste autonomia, cat si in ceea ce priveste performantele.

Remember the past, when Apple launched the Apple A5X to great fanfare? When the A5X launched, Apple also snuck in a change to the process generation in their A5 chip by putting a new 32 nm version inside the iPad2 and Apple TV3. Apple (likely) plays it this way because they don’t want people evaluating their products based on “commodity” technical specifications, but based on the overall experience with the device.  Because of this past behavior, there has been some speculation on the web as to whether they would do the same thing with the latest generation of Apple A5 processor. A new process for a new product. Maybe even a new foundry partner? 

The answer is no.