Prima Pagina aplicatii Camera+ update aduce optiuni pentru selectarea calitatii pozelor inregistrate cu propriile iDevice-uri

Camera+ update aduce optiuni pentru selectarea calitatii pozelor inregistrate cu propriile iDevice-uri

  Camera+ este una dintre cele mai bune aplicatii pentru inregistrarea pozelor folosind propriile iDevice-uri, iar un recent update lansat in App Store ne permite sa selectam calitatea pozelor care sunt facute folosind propriile terminale. Aplicatia are acum 3 setari pentru calitatea pozelor inregistrate folosind propriile iDevice-uri, ele permitandu-va sa faceti poze la calitate mare, medie sau optimizata, si cred ca puteti intelege singuri ce efect va avea alegerea fiecareia dintre ele.

You know those people who are never satisfied? Wait a minute… you’re one of them?? Well then, this update’s just for you!

For Camera+ 3.7, we’ve added a new Quality setting. For those of you who want your photos to be of the highest quality, we’ve introduced a third setting, named “High”. (The setting formerly named “Full” is now called “Normal” because it would’ve been confusing as hell to have a medium setting named “Full”… and the lowly, old “Optimized” setting got lucky and got to keep its moniker.)

In case you’re not totally sure exactly what the Quality setting affects, it handles the 3 Big S’s: Shooting, Sharing, and Saving.

Keep in mind that the higher quality doesn’t come for free… the price you have to pay is slower performance and larger photo sizes. So if your device if filled to the brim with photos, music, and apps, High Quality may not be the best choice for you (the actual best choice for you is probably to ask Santa for a newer device with more storage so you don’t have to keep deleting old things to make more room for new things).

And what if you *are* satisfied with The Quality Formerly Known As Full (AKA “Normal” or ☥ if you’ve been paying attention)? Well, we’ve bumped-up the quality a bit for Twitter, Message, and Web Link sharing so you’ll get better quality even if you don’t change a thing.

For this update, we’ve also done some optimizing to our recently added Front Flash feature. We did it because we care that you get the best results when you’re sexting. 

And last, but not least, we’ve made photo importing more robust. Importing now does a better job handling atypical image formats. The iPad version of Camera+ (you do know that there’s an iPad version, right?) already had more robust importing and we’ve made both versions work uniformly now.

Speaking of the iPad version of Camera+ and making both versions of the app work more uniformly, you’re going to love the upcoming version 3.8, which is right around the corner. We’re working hard toward converging the features in both versions and the next major update will go a long way toward that. In addition, we’ve got a few other really cool things that we’re adding so stay tuned for it!

  Camera+ 3.7 update este disponibil gratuit pentru cei care au achizitionat aplicatia.

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