Flex – aplicatia care permite oricarui utilizator sa dezvolte “tweak-uri” pentru iOS (Video)



  Flex este o aplicatie care urmeaza sa fie publicata in Cydia, ea permitand oricarei persoane sa dezvolte patch-uri pentru iDevice-urile noastre. Aplicatia este practic un asistent care ne permite sa implementam o gama extrem de larga de functii intr-un patch, aplicatia fiind cea care scrie codul si implementeaza totul, nou trebuind doar sa alegem dintr-o lista optiunile dorite. Aplicatia este facuta special pentru cei care nu stiu sa scrie cod, dar ar dori sa faca patch-uri si va fi cu siguranta extrem de cautata dupa lansare.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a rather large project. It’s a new jailbreak app called Flex. What it does it let you create small tweaks, share what you create, and download others’ shared tweaks. I expect to release it pretty soon, just need to have it go through a beta phase. Patches are very easy to make, and give you quite a lot of power. You can make them for any application you have installed, even SpringBoard. They don’t contain any real code, the tweak portion of Flex is actually what does all the heavy lifting… so basically these patches can’t be installed outside of Flex.

  Folosind Flex putem modifica o gama extrem de larga dintre functiile iOS-ului, eliminand necesitatea de a utiliza tweak-uri separate din Cydia, insa partea proasta este ca tot ceea ce construim folosind Flex poate fi utilizat doar daca aplicatia este instalata in terminalele noastre. Patch-urile facute folosind Flex nu pot fi utilizate pe alte terminale care nu au aplicatia instalata, deci nu putem vinde tweak-uri in Cydia. Partea buna este ca putem sa ne personalizam iOS-ul intr-un mod complet nou si putem modifica functionalitatea aplicatiilor terte, in baza a ceea ce descoperim in aplicatie.

Yeah, with the help of the community I believe this has huge potential, because it brings tweak making to everyone. Absolutely no programming knowledge is needed. You basically search for a keyword that’s related to what you want to change. Say you want to increase the amount of tabs Safari can have. So you make a new patch, and search for “maximum”. You’ll find two results, one which says “maxiumumTabDocumentCount” You click it, change the return value to 30 and suddenly you can have 30 Safari tabs.

  Flex urmeaza sa fie lansata in viitorul apropiat in Cydia.