Prima Pagina Aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii Weathercube – Gestural Weather este aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii, oferita de catre...

Weathercube – Gestural Weather este aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii, oferita de catre Apple


  Am ajuns din nou in acea zi a saptamanii in care Apple listeaza aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii, iar Weathercube – Gestural Weather este aplicatia aleasa de catre companie. Dupa cum v-ati imaginat deja, aplicatia ne ofera informatii despre vreme, iar spre deosebire de aplicatia nativa din iOS, sau altele disponibile in App Store, ea ne permite sa vizualizam acele informatii intr-o interfata intuitiva, cu un design frumos, intregul sistem de control fiind bazat pe simple swipe-uri.

Weathercube: it’s the weather – in a cube – awesome!

  • Completely interactive
  • Weathercube likes to be touched, so swipe, pinch and tap that thing without getting arrested!
  • Unique hourly, daily and weekly view
  • Wear flip-flops or snowboots? The detailed hourly view shows the weather from hour to hour. 
  • Serving over 1.7 million cities
  • Database contains just about every city on the globe for your personal weather: whenever, wherever. 
  • Colorful themes
  • Personalize Weathercube to your preference with special colored themes.

  Weathercube – Gestural Weather este disponibila gratuit timp de o saptamana de zile in App Store si poate fi instalata pe orice iDevice-uri.

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Weathercube – Gestural Weather



Developer: V2 Digital Media …
Categoria: Weather


Weathercube is Apple’s App of the Week. Download free for a limited time only!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Weathercube

Weathercube is listed in Apple’s ‘App Store Best…

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