Prima Pagina aplicatii iPrivacy iti permite sa implementezi optiunea de a utiliza mai multe conturi...

iPrivacy iti permite sa implementezi optiunea de a utiliza mai multe conturi de utilizator in iOS, iti protejeaza aplicatiile

  Multi posesori de iDevice-uri si-au dorit ca in iOS sa existe un sistem multi-user care sa permita logarea cu diverse privilegii, exact cum putem face in OS X sau Windows. Apple nu pare deocamdata dispusa sa ofere o asemenea functionalitate, insa tweak-ul iPrivacy o face. Folosind iPrivacy putem implementa in iOS un sistem de protectie a aplicatiilor, dar si un sistem multi-user de logare in sistem. Mai exact, iPrivacy ne da posibilitatea de a seta doua PIN-uri pentru LockScreen, unul care deblocheaza terminalul si ofera acces de administrator, celalalt oferind doar acces Guest, cu anumite limitari.

Compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6 on both iPhone and iPad.  iPrivacy is the “Guest Mode” solution to iOS. Similar to how people can log into computers via a “guest” account. iPrivacy provides the ability to let people log into your phone via a guest account as well. This way they can’t look at your email or text messages or mess up any settings you have on your phone. Here is how this “Guest Mode” works: One lock-screen, Two PINs. One for me, one for anyone else who might use my phone but doesn’t necessarily need to see everything. Punch in your Host PIN, your phone unlocks as normal. Punch in the Guest PIN, it hides anything that you want. You can also turn ON/OFF Guest Mode with SBSettings and Activator toggle.

  Folosind meniul de setari al iPrivacy putem alege care dintre aplicatiile iDevice-urilor noastre devin inaccesibile Guest-ului, astfel ca el nu va putea deschide vreuna dintre ele pentru a vedea informatiile incluse acolo. Ideea este foarte eficienta in special in conditiile in care mai multe persoane va folosesc in mod constant iDevice-ul si nu doriti ca ele sa va vada pozele sau mesajele, accesul ca si Gues fiind o metoda foarte simpla de a ii limita. iPrivacy functioneaza in baza unor plugin-uri care blocheaza accesul pentru anumite aplicatii ale iOS.

In order to make iPrivacy efficient, you need to install plugins for iPrivacy. According to different needs, you can install different plugins for iPrivacy. Every plugin have three Activation methods.

  1. Enabled: The plugin will not be valid.
  2. GuestMode: The plugin is valid only when the Guest Mode is ON.
  3. Disabled: The plugin will be valid all the time no matter the Guest Mode is ON or OFF.

What make your iOS device safer using iPrivacy is others will never know your Host PIN. Respring, reboot, even unintall iPrivacy, others can not access your iOS device normally.

  iPrivacy este disponibil gratuit in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia, insa plugin-urile trebuie cumparate, Photos Plugin For iPrivacy fiind primul dezvoltat si disponibinil in acelasi repo la pretul de 2$.