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  Shazam este una dintre cele mai populare aplicatii pentru iDevice-uri, ea permitand utilizatorilor sa identifice rapid melodiile favorite lasand aplicatia sa “asculte” ritmurile pieselor. Shazam este disponibila in App Store de ani de zile, insa dezvoltatorii sai s-au gandit abia acum sa dezvolte o aplicatie pentru tableta iPad si astazi e a afost lansata in App Store. Noua versiune a aplicatiei implementeaza functia auto-tag pentru piese, functioneaza in background in timpul utilizarii altor aplicatii si contine destule alte noutati.

Explore the world with Shazam’s interactive maps. Zoom from your current location to cities, countries and continents across the globe to discover what’s popular. 
Welcome iPad users: Shazam is now a universal app – we have some awesome new features coming first to the iPad:
○ Auto Tagging: When Shazam is running it tags music and media around you – like songs featured in a TV show or music playing on your device.
○ Shazam even runs in the background and tags while you check your emails or play a game.
○ Dynamic new home screen: Browse real time updates of what’s being tagged on TV right now (US only) and the hottest music tracks globally.
○ Flip through your recent matches – add the ones you like to your favourites

  Shazam este disponibila gratuit in App Store.

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Developer: Shazam Entertainm…
Categoria: Music

Descriere: Shazam recognizes music and media playing around you. Tap the Shazam button to instantly tag, and then explore, buy, share and comment. Tagging is unlimited, so use Shazam as much as you want.

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Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 18.2 Mb