Volume Amplifier promite sa amplifice cu pana la 200% sonorul redat de difuzoarele iPhone-urilor

  Volume Amplifier este un tweak lansat in cursul acestei seri in Cydia, iar dezvoltatorul sau ne promite ca utilizandu-l putem amplifica, cu pana la 200% nivelul sonorului redat de catre difuzoarele iDevice-urilor. Spre deosebire de alte tweak-uri de acest gen, Volume Amplifier modifica direct stream-ul audio al aplicatiilor pentru a amplifica volumul si nu diverse fisiere de configuratie disponibile in iOS, asa ca teoretic el ar trebui sa functioneze pe orice terminal, exact asa cum spune dezvoltatorul.

Only for iOS 6+ & iPhone 5. One of the main problems in iPhone 5 (or any other iPhone for that matter) is that the speaker volume is not loud enough while talking on the phone. hAcx Volume Amplifier fixes this problem by directly manipulating the speaker audio stream and amplifies it by up to 200%. YES! 200%. The difference between Volume Amplifier and other Voice boosting tweaks out there on Cydia is that it does not alter a specific OS configuration file (which actually don’t work), it actually manipulates the audio stream in such way that you will really notice the difference.

  In momentul de fata tweak-ul functioneaza doar cu aplicatia Phone, deoarece aceasta are setat cel mai mic volum pentru speaker, insa probabil in viitor dezvoltatorul sau il va face compatibil si cu alte aplicatii. Pentru a il utiliza trebuie doar sa apasati butonul volume+ dupa ce comutati o convorbire pe speaker si veti auzi sunetele mult mai puternic decat de obicei. Volume Amplifier este disponibil la pretul de 1.99$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.

The tweak doesn’t add any application or settings to the device. all you have to do is just make a phone call, click the volume “+” button on the left side of the device and continue clicking it till you see the Amplifier bar appears on the volume popup. that’s it. If up until now you couldn’t talk on the phone while driving without going ‘nuts’ why the speaker is at such a low volume, although you raised the speaker volume all the way to the top, you got to try Volume Amplifier. you’ll be amazed at how high you can push your speaker output. which really makes you wonder why Apple limit it in the first place!

At this point the tweak only starts to work when you’re in an active phone call because the volume on other applications (such as iPod.app) is actually pretty good and can go quite high without using any tweaks. You can always reset Volume Amplifier by assigning an Activator event inside the device Settings->General->Activator menu.

* This tweak only works on iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and up. support for iPhone 4/4s will be added if enough users request it.