Prima Pagina Activator Activator 1.8 update aduce foarte multe noutati pentru iDevice-uri

Activator 1.8 update aduce foarte multe noutati pentru iDevice-uri


  In cursul zilei de ieri versiunea 1.8 a programului Activator a fost lansata in Cydia de catre dezvoltatorul Ryan petrich, el implementand o serie extrem de lunga de functii noi pentru posesorii de iDevice-uri. Printre noutatile cele mai importante se numara posibilitatea de a programa intreprinderea diverselor actiuni in iOS, posibilitatea de a utiliza un buton pentru partajarea de informatii direct din aplicati Settings, posibilitatea de a face poze folosind gesturi, rearanjarea meniului de setari si multe, multe altele.

  Activator este disponibil gratuit in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.

1.8.0-1: July 1, 2013

  • Fix regression whereby the sleep button required a second press to show the lock screen;
  • Suppress locked/unlocked events on older iOS versions where they don’t work properly;
  • Better show actual state of Flipswitch switches in action banners;
  • Fix “Restore Assignments” feature on some devices.

1.8: July 1, 2013

  • Add ability to create scheduled events that can be assigned;
  • Add support for ringtone actions;
  • Fix bug whereby swipe/slide gestures would cause the notification center to become inaccessible;
  • Add Share button to settings app;
  • Add Device Unlocked and Device Locked events;
  • Add long hold sleep button event;
  • Add edge slide gestures;
  • Hide ads immediately when the donate button is pressed;
  • Allow selecting which actions show banners;
  • Support Bluetooth settings pane on iOS5 again;
  • Allow menus to contain links to themselves;
  • Fix notification center action not working from inside a menu;
  • Add a dictation action;
  • Introduce new public APIs;
  • Show listener icons in banners;
  • Rearrange settings pane;
  • Require latest version of PreferenceLoader;
  • Conflict with the latest version of QuickDo;
  • Add additional lock screen clock gestures;
  • Allow renaming menus;
  • Show preview image for collapsed groups;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Added an Easter egg;
  • Allow assigning multiple actions to an event, so long as they are compatible;
  • Updated app icon;
  • Make certain groups collapsible by default, instead of overflowing after a certain number of actions;
  • Add “Sleep Button Press with Menu Button” event;
  • Add “Invoke Shutter” action;
  • Support custom events triggered by incoming mail;
  • Send event mode changed notification properly on iOS6;
  • Support per-app launched and icon flick gestures;
  • Allow volume controls on the lock screen while media controls are present;
  • Stash the /Library/Activator folder to lessen disk usage on root partition;
  • Improve scroll performance of blacklist page;
  • Add Flipswitch integration;
  • Allow adjusting sensitivity of slide in gestures;
  • Allow events to be incompatible with automatic unlocking and make single press home incompatible;
  • Fix animation regressions in activating apps from the lock screen;
  • Fix sound action icons on iPad;
  • Include an activator command that can be run from a shell;
  • Reduce memory use;
  • Add localization debugging features (enable with “activator set LALocalizationDebug 1” in a shell);
  • Make slide in from bottom gestures less sensitive;
  • Add ability to activate a mail composer to a specific contact’s email address;
  • Add ability to activate a message composer to a specific contact’s phone number/email address;
  • Add ability to directly call a specific contact’s phone number;
  • Improve settings pane’s performance;
  • Allow events that aren’t supported on the lock screen to prompt for the passcode or automatically unlock and activate if no passcode is present;
  • When a large number of actions are present in a single group, collapse the group by default so that the settings pane does not become unwieldy;
  • Fix “New Message” option’s keyboard not showing on iPad;
  • Add “Smart Cover” events for iPad;
  • Show alert message when an incompatible assignment is made, to prevent confusion;
  • Change toggle alert style on lock screen to be less obtrusive;
  • Fix swipe event causing the notification center not to work;
  • Fix Virtual Assistant action not working while touches are onscreen;
  • Add workaround for the kern.maxvnodes bug;
  • Add new “Cellular” settings listener for iOS6.0 and up;
  • Add “Slide Off Screen” events;
  • Add “Icon Flick” events;
  • Better error handling when package contents are missing;
  • Allow linking directly to an event’s assignment from a settings page;
  • Allow events to require assignment;
  • Updated developer API;
  • Add Dutch localization;
  • Updated localizations.
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