iTranslate Voice traduce textele in timp real, include suport pentru limba romana, este Editor’s Choice-ul saptamanii in App Store


  iTranslate Voice este o aplicatie prezentata de catre mine acum cateva luni de zile, cand va spuneam ca prin intermediul sau puteti traduce cuvintele pe care interlocutorii vostri le rostesc, aplicatia fiind extrem de utila in situatiile in care calatoriti des in strainatate. Acum Apple a decis sa promoveze aplicatia ca un Editor’s Choice al acestei saptamani, decizia de promovare fiind probabil luata in urma lansarii versiunii 2.0  a aplicatiei. Update-ul aduce un UI imbunatatit, aduce suport pentru noi limbi, aduce posibilitatea de interconectare cu alte iDevice-uri, aduce voice pack-uri si in final suport pentru limba romana.

Introducing iTranslate Voice 2.0
New languages and new features!

Connect devices together and easily engage in conversation with other people.

Gorgeous new design
We questioned every button, thought through even the tiniest detail, scanned thousands of feedback Emails. The result is a simpler and more engaging completely new iTranslate Voice that you’re gonna absolutely love.

Improved settings
Settings are now just a swipe away. Simply swipe up from the bottom to quickly change languages or voices.

Presidential Voice Pack
Speak with the voices of Obama, Bush or Romney. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s a lot of fun (available as In App Purchase).

Thai, Catalan and Romanian
Now with full voice recognition and text-to-speech support!

Hebrew, Croatian, Malay, Ukrainian and Vietnamese
Now with voice recognition support (no text-to-speech yet)

  Avand in vedere implementarea suportului pentru limba romana, cred ca aplicatia merita incercata, mai ales ca Apple va recomanda sa faceti acest lucru. iTranslate Voice este disponibila la pret minim in App Store, insa intr-un format compatibil doar cu iPhone/iPod Touch-urile.

Pretul initial:
iTranslate Voice



Developer: Sonico GmbH
Categoria: Productivity

Descriere: Instantly speak another language, voice-to-voice.

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– “Best of 2012”
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