Ultra iMeter implementeaza in iOS o bara de status cu informatii utile si nu doar atat

  Ultra iMeter este un tweak lansat in cursul noptii trecute in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau putem avea la dispozitie informatii relevante si utile din iOS fara a parasi aplicatiile pe care le utilizam. Tweak-ul afiseaza peste status bar o bara de informatii care ne ofera detalii despre spatiul liber in terminal, statusul bateriei, traficul consumat in timpul navigarii pe web, RAM-ul liber si disponibil in iOS, plus multe altele. Separat de acestea, aplicatia este capabila sa ne permita sa setam limite de trafic de date, sa ne avertizeze cand le depasim si sa activeze automat conectivitatea WiFi.

Find crucial system information without leaving running app! Get notification when your have almost used up network allowance or disk space! This tweak introduces an “iMeter Bar” which stays on top of iOS status bar. You can get network, disk, ram, cpu usage information directly from this bar even if you are running a full screen app– the bar disappears only when you want it to. This makes the tweak ideal for users who need to see device/app performance anywhere as well as software developers who need such instruments for app testing.

The tweak also aims to be the best friend for users with limited cellular or WiFi data plan. You can read data usage from the bar or simply check the highlighted letter at the end of the bar. Apart from that, an alert window will pop up when you have used up data allowance.

  Ultra iMeter mentine bara de status activa peste status bar-ul nativ al iOS, indiferent de aplicatia in care ne aflam, si are un meniu de setari in aplicatia Settings, prin el noi avand optiunea de a administra functionalitatea sa. Ultra iMeter este disponibil la pretul de 2$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.