Prima Pagina jOBS jOBS inregistreaza incasari de doar 6.7 milioane de dolari in primul weekend...

jOBS inregistreaza incasari de doar 6.7 milioane de dolari in primul weekend in cinematografele din SUA


  Vineri pelicula jOBS, denumirea romaneasca fiind Steve Jobs. Omul care a schimbat lumea, a avut premiera in cinematografele din SUA, iar in primul weekend a inregistrat incasari de doar 6.7 milioane de dolari. 2318 de ecranizari au avut loc in acest weekend si suma obtinuta este cu aproape 3 milioane de dolari mai mica decat cea preconizata de catre producatori. Compania Open Road Films a produs pelicula jOBS cu numai 12 milioane de dolari, asa ca o buna parte din investitie a fost deja recuperata, iar in urmatoarele saptamani pelicula va intra cu siguranta pe profit, lansarea internationala urmand a avea loc saptamana aceasta.

Playing at 2,381 locations, Jobs opened in seventh place with an estimated $6.7 million. While it was never expected to match The Social Network, it’s still very disappointing to note that the Steve Jobs biopic earned less than one-third as much as the Facebook story. This is also one of star Ashton Kutcher’s lowest openings ever—among nationwide releases, it’s only ahead of 2003’s My Boss’s Daughter ($4.9 million).  Jobs had plenty of issues, including awful reviews and a comedy star playing dramatic (almost never a good idea). Most important, though, was the movie’s apparent tonal issues: while plenty of people enjoy their Apple products, the deification of Steve Jobs is a bit of a turn off. Jobs received a weak “B-” CinemaScore, and all indications are that it will disappear from theaters quickly.

  Intreaga controversa din jurul peliculei probabil i-a motivat pe americani sa nu vizioneze aceasta productie, ea fiind una dintre cele mai slabe ale lui Ashton Kutcher, daca privim totul din punct de vedere al incasarilor. La sfarsitul saptamanii pelicula jOBS urmeaza sa fie lansata in Romania in reteaua Hollywood Multiplex si va recomand sa o vizionati.