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Apple sustine ca iCloud Keychain nu salveaza parole in serverele sale, realitatea este alta

  Intr-un document de suport publicat pentru a explica functionalitatea iCloud Keychain, cei de la Apple sustin ca sistemul lor nu salveaza parolele si informatiile conturilor noastre in serverele sale, ci doar local in produse. Cei de la arstechnica au dorit sa verifice afirmatiile celor de la Apple si au facut un test simplu al carui rezultat a dovedit ca Apple ar minti. iCloud Keychain transfera informatii despre logare pentru website-uri, parole orice altceva si alte informatii intre produse Apple, teoretic, doar cand acestea sunt conectate simultan la internet, insa realitatea este diferita.

…Unfortunately, Apple’s claim that it’s solved this problem does not appear to be true. It may simply be a factual error in the Apple support document, but since this represents Apple’s official word on how iCloud Keychain works, we had to test it out. None of this is surprising. Syncing passwords over the cloud is exactly how iCloud Keychain is supposed to work. What’s surprising is Apple’s claim that it might work in some other way, just because a user chooses a different method of protecting their data in the cloud.

  Chiar si in situatia in care produsele Apple nu sunt conectate simultan la internet, iCloud Keychain este capabil sa transfere informatii intre ele, semn ca Apple le stocheaza in serverele sale. Acest lucru este in directa contradictie cu ceea ce afirma Apple pe website-ul sau, insa nu ar fi prima oara cand compania nu spune adevarul. Stocand aceste informatii in propriile servere, Apple le poate accesa oricand si le poate oferi agentiilor federale americane daca este obligata sa faca acest lucru.

None of the dialog boxes in OS X or iOS make the claim that iCloud Keychain can sync passwords without the cloud, so I’m guessing it’s just a mistake in that FAQ. While we don’t know exactly how the data is being synced across devices, it’s clear that keychain data is not “stored only locally on the device” as the support document states. Clearly, the data is being stored somewhere else, at least temporarily, or it wouldn’t have been able to sync in my testing.

  Practic acest lucru demonstreaza ca iCloud Keychain nu ar fi atat de sigur precum il prezinta Apple, insa ramane de vazut cum va raspunde compania in fata acestor acuzatii.