iPad Air are un Retina Display fabricat folosind tehnologia IGZO, iata ce beneficii aduce

  Stiti deja din review-ul iPad Air ca Apple a implementat o noua tehnologie pentru ecranul tabletei in ideea de a reduce dimensiunile produsului, dar si de a imbunatati consumul de energie. S-a zvonit timp de multe luni de zile ca Apple ar urma sa adopte tehnologia IGZO pentru ecranul tabletei sale si iata ca in cazul produsului lansat anul acesta informatiile s-au adeverit. Dupa cum puteti vedea deja si din imaginea de mai sus, panoul frontal al iPad Air este cu 17% subtire decat cel din iPad 3, senzorii tactili sunt cu 70% mai subtiri, ecranul este cu 20% mai subtire, bateria cu 25% mai subtire, iar carcasa cu 23% mai subtire.

As noted in IHS iSuppli’s component cost analysis released earlier today, the iPad Air now uses just 36 LEDs to light its display, down from as many as 84 in previous generations. Apple has also reduced the thickness of the display assembly, and so it appears that the display is indeed one the areas where Apple has been able to make the most improvement on size and weight, both in the components themselves and in the battery capacity needed to drive them. 

  Mai mult decat atat, tableta utilizeaza doar 36 de LED-uri pentru iluminarea ecranului, fata de 84 cat utilizau iPad 3 sau iPad 4, iar in acest articol v-am explicat cum a reusit Apple sa le reduca numarul. Separat de acestea, aflam ca ecranul consuma si cu 57% mai putina energie decat Retina Display-urile din iPad 3/4, acest lucru permitand celor de la Apple sa implementeze o baterie care inmagazineaza cu 33% mai putina energie decat in modelele anterioare, reducand prin aceasta schimbare si grosimea produsului.

Among the evidence cited by Soneira for his claim that the iPad Air has moved to IGZO technology are power measurements showing that the iPad Air’s display offers a 57% improvement in power efficiency compared to previous iPads, a jump that simply would not be possible with a-Si technology. IGZO offers significantly better electron mobility than a-Si, allowing for much lower power requirements. The shift in technology has also enabled other improvements in the display of the iPad Air compared to its predecessor, and Soneira notes that Apple continues to offer an excellent display on its tablet lineup.

  Acestea fiind spuse, iPad Air contine multe schimbari importante, toate contribuind la dezvoltarea unui produs grozav.