PazteUp – o aplicatie grozava pentru a crea documente complexe direct de pe iPad


  PazteUp este o aplicatie disponibila de ceva vreme in App Store, iar cu ajutorul sau puteti crea documente complexe si profesionale folosindu-va doar tabletele iPad si nimic mai mult. Aplicatia are o interfata intuitiva care ne pune la dispozitie o gama variata de optiuni pentru a genera documente profesionale complexe care contin tot felul de continut multimedia ce in mod normal nu ar putea fi introdus in fisiere de acest gen cu aplicatiile native din iOS. Folosind aceasta aplicatie puteti face brosuri, reviste, albume foto, carti sau portofolii in care sa includeti orice fel de poze sau chiar clipuri video pe care le aveti disponibile in tabletele voastre, iar in imaginile acestui articol aveti prezentat modul in care pot arata creatiile voastre.

PazteUp offers a set of amazing tools to help you create and organize PDF documents. Whether you are putting together flyers, catalogues, brochures, magazines, photo albums, portfolios or books, PazteUp does it right on your iPad. PazteUp provides great mobile tools for PDF creation and project management. Save time by working on your iPad without having to transfer materials back to your PC or Mac. PazteUp lets you customize your project by selecting layouts, adding texts, pictures, tables, shapes, and clipped web contents. Project management features such as content thumbnail preview, page order management, and layout design management make PazteUp an even better deal!

  • Insert and adjust a document’s text boxes, images, and tables
  • Capture web site contents including screenshots and texts
  • Set up characters for each paragraph
  • Insert circles, rectangles and triangles into pages.
  • Make changes without moving locked objects
  • Use the auto guidelines to better align objects.

  PazteUp este disponibila gratuit in perioada urmatoare in App Store.

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PazteUp – Awesome Document Layout and Design



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 iPad Only
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Descriere: ***Are you looking for tools to create PDFs and change their layouts Nothing beats FREE! Limited time offer only. Experiencing PazteUp at NO COST now!***
PazteUp offers a set of amazing tools to help you create and organize PDF documents. Whether you are…

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