Prima Pagina Apple ABC publica intreviul integral in care Tim Cook vorbeste despre Mac, iWatch...

ABC publica intreviul integral in care Tim Cook vorbeste despre Mac, iWatch si viitorul Apple (Video)


  In cursul zilelor de ieri si astazi v-am prezentat in doua articole teasere pentru interviul pe care ABC News a reusit sa il faca in exclusivitate cu Tim Cook, Craig Federighi si Bud Tribble. In clipul video de mai sus aveti prezentat scurtul interviu de doar 4 minute in care Tim Cook vorbeste despre munca sa in cadrul Apple, despre iWatch, despre modul in care NSA poate obtine acces la serverele Apple, despre modul in care Apple isi protejeaza secretele si despre viitorul companiei.

Number one, we need to be significantly more transparent. We need to say what data is being given, how many people it effects, how many accounts are effected, we need to be clear. And we have a gag order on us right now so we can’t say those things… .Much of what has been said isn’t true. There is no backdoor. The government doesn’t have access to our servers. They would have to cart us out in a box for that, and that just will not happen. We feel that strongly about it.

  Din pacate in ceea ce priveste iPhone 6 si viitoarele produse Apple nu avem detalii noi importante, insa compania pregateste surprize interesante pentru acest an.

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    Unde pot gasi interviul integral, am incercat si la ei pe site abcnews

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