Game of Thrones Ascent – jocul oficial al Game of Thrones este disponibil acum si pentru iPad

  Game of Thrones Ascent este jocul oficial dezvoltat de catre compania HBO pentru serialul Game of Thrones, el fiind lansat in luna februarie in App Store. Dupa doar o luna si jumatate de disponibilitate, jocul a fost actualizat din nou in cursul noptii trecute, update-ul aducand pentru noi compatibilitatea cu tabletele iPad. Jocul a fost lansat initial in cadrul Facebook, adunand peste 2.5 milioane de jucatori pana in prezent, el urmarind indeaproape firul epic al cartilor si al serialului.

With Game of Thrones Ascent, fans can immerse themselves beyond the books and show and actually live the life of a noble during a time of upheaval within Westeros. Taking part in thousands of story-driven quests, players delve deeply into the lore and develop their own lands and reputation among the Great Houses. Players explore an expansive world filled with deep political and social play involving diplomatic agreements, pacts, marriages, and betrothals. Through Alliance challenges, players work with hundreds of others to accomplish great tasks and rise to the top of the Power Rankings.

  Jocul din App Store va fi actualizat constant cu noi povesti epice care vor permite utilizatorilor sa urmareasca pe propriile dispozitive povestea serialului de pe micile ecrane, aplicatia fiind disponibila gratuit in App Store.

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Game of Thrones Ascent



Developer: Kongregate, Inc.
 iPad Only
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Descriere: The award-winning game based on HBO’s Game of Thrones has come to the iPad! See what 2,500,000 players are already raving about!

Build your noble house, embark on quests and rise in power in the Strategy RPG based on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones an…

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