WTFJeans – jeans speciali pentru iPhone promovati cu ajutorul celor mai cunoscuti oameni din IT (Video)



  WTFJeans este o pereche de jeans special ganditi pentru terminale iPhone, ei avand un buzunar disponibil in partea frontala pentru a permite introducerea si scoaterea rapida a unui iPhone. Buzunarul facut special pentru aceste terminale curata ecranul in momentul introducerii si scoaterii, deviaza radiatiile emise de catre terminal si nu doar atat. Jeansii sunt special ganditi pentru a nu se murdari indiferent cu ce tip normal de lichid intra ei in contact, asa ca vorbim despre un obiect vestimentar avansat.

The jeans have been completely redesigned, inside and out. The wtfPocket is inside the jeans now for a better look, and it’s lower on the thigh making it easier to get your iPhone in and out. The company abandoned the USB pocket feature because “we all use the cloud now”, and added pockets for your hands. This amazing new feature allows you to accidentally spill your liquid of choice on yourself and not worry about the consequences — it will just roll off! We have tested it with water, coca cola, coffee, wine, beer, whisky (see a trend here?) and even oil! It all just slides right off the nanotechnology protected fabric. How slick is that?

No, you don’t have to be Iron Man to appreciate the coolness of this feature. Your phone still operates at 100% efficiency, but the EMF radiation blasting from your phone flows around your body instead of through it. Now you can feel good about keeping your phone in your pants, and know your body is safe and sound.

  WTFJeans sunt distribuiti in momentul de fata la pretul de 127€, unul destul de mare pentru tara noastra. Totusi, metoda lor de promovare este mai mult decat interesanta, creatorul lor folosind versiuni animate ale celor mai populari oameni din IT din SUA si va recomand sa il vizionati.