Surgeon Simulator te transforma intr-un chirurg virtual direct pe iPad, este disponibil la PRET REDUS


  Surgeon Simulator este o aplicatie lansata in cursul serii trecute in App Store si dupa cum ii spune numele, vorbim despre un simulator care ne ofera posibilitatea de a ne transforma in chirurgi virtuali direct din propriile iDevice-uri. Pacientul vostru se numeste Bob, iar rolul vostru este de a ii salva viata de la problemele medicale care i-o pun in pericol, la indemana voastra fiind toate ustensilele pe care in mod normal un chirurg le are la dispozitie pentru a isi desfasura activitatea.

You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst! Take urgent care of the world’s unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life — or fail hilariously in the process while poor Bob… Well, dies. Join the ranks of more than one million players who butchered Bob for the amusement of 250 million people who watched the failed surgeries on YouTube, now from the comfort of your awesome iPad, anytime, anywhere. Hospitals don’t get any better than this, really.

  Surgeon Simulator este disponibil pentru iPad in App Store.

Pretul initial:
Surgeon Simulator



Developer: Bossa Studios Ltd
 iPad Only
Categoria: Games


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