Prima Pagina Apple Apple este acuzata din nou ca minte in legatura cu vulnerabilitatile iOS...

Apple este acuzata din nou ca minte in legatura cu vulnerabilitatile iOS care permit copierea datelor personale


  Dimineata v-am prezentat raspunsul companiei Apple in fata acuzatiilor conform carora trei servicii ale iOS permit hackerilor sa preia datele personale ale utilizatorilor, inclusiv cele criptate in backup-uri. In fata explicatiilor oferite de catre compania Apple hackerul care a prezentat primele acuzatii continua in a acuza Apple ca minte utilizatorii, evitand sa detalieze functionalitatea completa a acestor servicii.

I give Apple credit for acknowledging these services, and at least trying to give an answer to people who want to know why these services are there – prior to this, there was no documentation about file relay whatsoever, or its 44 data services to copy off personal data. They appear to be misleading about its capabilities, however, in downplaying them, and this concerns me.

  Hackerul sustine ca toate cele 3 servicii ale iOS sunt capabile sa preia mult mai multe date decat prezinta Apple pe website-ul sau, inclusiv cele criptate, intrebandu-se in acelasi timp daca managerii companiei stiu exact care este problema. Desi Apple sustine ca aceste servicii au in principal rol de diagnosticare a problemelor, ele copiaza o multitudine de date persoanel care nu au legatura cu diagnosticarea.

I wonder if the higher ups at Apple really are aware of how much non-diagnostic personal information it copies out, wirelessly, bypassing backup encryption. All the while that Apple is downplaying it, I suspect they’ll also quietly fix many of the issues I’ve raised in future versions. At least I hope so. It would be wildly irresponsible for Apple not to address these issues, especially now that the public knows about them.

  Pana astazi Apple nu a oferit vreodata detalii in legatura cu functionalitatea celor trei servicii si pasul facut acum ar putea duce la o rezolvare a vulnerabilitatilor serviciilor in viitor.