Trainz Driver – un railroad simulator disponibil la PRET REDUS


  Trainz Driver este versiunea pentru iOS a unui joc lansat pe PC-uri cu destul timp in urma sub denumirea Trainz, el fiind un railroad simulator care ne da posibilitatea de a conduce locomotive in aproape orice locatie de pe glob. Daca ati jucat deja versiunea pentru PC-uri, atunci stiti ca in Trainz puteti participa in diverse misiuni care va dau posibilitatea de a va asuma rolul unui mecanic de locomotiva care are rolul de a conduce diverse trenuri pe rute prestabilite de catre dezvoltatori.

Easy to use interface designed for your phone and iPad. Based upon world’s favorite train simulator, Trainz Driver is one of the top ranked Simulation and Family Apps around the world. Trainz Driver puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives from around the world. Choose from the “Easy Mode” speed controls, or the more advanced “Realistic Mode” control system. With multiple camera modes you can fly alongside your favourite train, admire the view from the cab, or watch from trackside all while you interact with industries and passenger stations, picking up and dropping off freight wagons, people, and more!

New content being released all the time – check out the Steam Engines in the “Extra Content” menu. Expand your experience: You can also create your own Routes and Sessions in Trainz Simulator for iPad (available for separate purchase on the App Store) and then share them with Trainz Driver users through our Download Station. Hundreds of user-created routes are already available, free to download.

  In Trainz Driver puteti conduce trenuri de marfa, trenuri de calator sau pur si simplu locomotive din diverse epoci, totul folosind o interfata intuitiva, special gandita pentru terminalele mobile. Trainz Driver este disponibil la PRET REDUS, in format universal, in App Store.

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Trainz Driver – train driving game and realistic railroad simulator



Developer: N3V Games Pty Ltd
Categoria: Games

Descriere: GET MORE POWER IN YOUR POCKET! Drive your favorite trains in an incredibly realistic 3D world!

Choose from realistic routes and arcade style sessions – there is something here for everyone aged 4 to 104!

Easy to use interface designed for your phone a…

Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 199.3 Mb