Iata smartwatch-ul creat de catre un fost designer Apple (Video)



  Olio Model One este un smartwatch creat de catre un fost designer al companiei Apple, acesta punand design-ul smartwatch-ului in prim-plan in locul functionalitatii sau a sistemului de operare, iar in clipul video de mai sus il puteti vedea. Steve Jacobs este omul care a creat compania din spatele acestui smartwatch, el fiind unul dintre importantii designeri ai Apple, Beats, Amazon si HP fiind unele dintre companiile la care el a lucrat de-a lungul timpului inainte de a crea aceasta companie.

  Conform creatorilor sai, Model One va fi compatibil cu aproape orice tip de smartwatch, va avea o interfata care va afisa cele mai importante evenimente din zilele noastre, va fi rezistent la apa si va avea un asistent personal care intelege preferintele noastre si ofera sugestii in baza acestora. Olio Model One este produs in doua serii limitate de catre 500 de exemplare pentru un model din otel inoxidabil care costa 549 de dolari si un model din otel negru care costa 745 de dolari, deci vor avea preturi similare cu cele ale Apple Watch.

  • Dynamic Visualizations: Olio’s interface maps the busiest parts your day, making personal bandwidth glanceable, while simultaneously creating a dynamic watchface that is unique you.
  • Temporal Streams: Access the right information at the right time, with notifications and information organized into two simple and intuitive time streams—earlier and later.
  • Olio Assist: A cloud-based personal assistant that contextualizes and understands your personal preferences to offer insightful and actionable suggestions.
  • Intelligent Actions: You can dismiss or respond to content with a simple swipe, and even have Olio Assist hold your calls/texts and remind you to respond at a later time.
  • Control Hub: Control relevant third party products like thermostats, lights, locks, cars, speakers, and services like payments, directions and music without searching or wrestling for your phone.
  • True Cross Platform Compatibility: Olio is an independent brand and offers freedom to connect with both Android and Apple phones, as well as a wide range of connected hardware products.

Olio Model One

Olio Model One 1

Olio Model One 2

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