Tim Cook si Jony Ive sunt alesi in topul celor mai mari “vizionari” ai ultimilor ani

disrupterIn lipsa lui Steve Jobs, viitorul companiei Apple a ramas in mainile CEO-ului Tim Cook si a noului Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, evolutia produselor celor din Cupertino si strategia pentru viitor avandu-i in centru.

Pentru ca ei au fost la baza celor mai recente produse de succes lansate de catre compania Apple in ultimii ani, Tim Cook si Jony Ive au fost alesi de catre jurnalistii americani in topul celor mai mari “vizionari” ai ultimilor ani, Mark Zuckerberg fiind pozitionat pe primul loc.

In mod interesant, jurnalistii care au participat la un studiu derulat de catre cei de la Vanity Fair ii pozitioneaza pe cei doi impreuna pe locul al patrulea, citand si cateva momente importante din evolutia Apple pentru alegerea acestei pozitii pentru ei.

Mai exact, lansarea Apple Watch si faptul ca Apple a reusit sa vanda 61 de milioane de terminale iPhone in Q1 2015 i-au motivat pe jurnalisti sa recunoasca faptul ca Apple sub comanda lui Tim Cook si “indrumarea” lui Jony Ive poate avea un viitor mai bun decat daca Steve Jobs ar mai fi condus-o.

The release of the Apple Watch presented an opportunity for designer could have settled into the tech 6 ELON something far more mundane: Jonathan Ive to fully assume the creative mantle at the world’s most highly valued company. Just weeks after the Watch went on sale, Apple announced that Ive had been promoted to chief design officer. The move struck some as surprising since Ive would no longer directly supervise the design teams that create its gadgets. Nevertheless, the new title gives him a role as the company’s product visionary, akin to that of Steve Jobs, while freeing him up to spend more time on the design of Apple’s new spaceship-like campus as well as its expanding retail presence.

Though C.E.O. Tim Cook has been cagey about sales, most analysts expect Apple to sell at least 10 million watches this year, which would be enormous by any standard other than Apple’s. To wit: the company reportedly ordered a record 85 to 90 million units of its forthcoming iPhone model, which is said to feature an upgraded screen.