Combo Quest este aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii


Combo QuestApple a anuntat aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii in cursul noptii trecute in App Store pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch, ea putand fi descarcata fara plata de catre utilizatorii care doresc sa beneficieze de promotie.

Combo Quest este aplicatia pe care compania Apple o ofera gratuit in urmatoarele 7 zile si vorbim despre un RPG de aventura in care noi preluam rolul unui curajos cavaler care trebuie sa recupereze Combo Crown de la un dragon care a furat-o de la regina voastra.

in Combo Quest veti participa intr-o calatorie foarte complexa in care veti avea de invins o multitudine de inamici extrem de puternici, o varietate de animale mitice si totul folosindu-va doar de intuitie si armele puse la dispozitie de catre creatorul acestui joc.

Combo Quest is an epic, time tap role-playing adventure. In this unique masterpiece, you are a knight on a heroic quest to retrieve the elusive Combo Crown. It is up to you, and you alone, to reclaim that which was unjustly taken by a mischievous dragon. Along your journey, you will encounter vicious enemies, terrifying beasts and, in time, the troublesome dragon! Fear not, for as your knight progresses through the game, he will gain all sorts of mystical help!

Conform dezvoltatorilor, Combo Quest ofera un stil unic de joc in care trebuie sa controlam eroul principal in fiecare pas pe care il face in aventurile sale, el evoluand de-a lungul jocului pentru a manui mai bine armele si a avea o putere mai mare in lutepe in care este implicat.

  • Unique time-tap action that’s easy to learn yet difficult to master
  • Endless gameplay – the only limit is your skill
  • Check points after each boss with ability to continue or restart
  • **NEW** Ride into battle with one of three steeds, including the Brown, Armored, and Golden Steed. Each rewards you with an HP bonus
  • **NEW** Localization into French, Italian, German, and Spanish for our fans around the world
  • Visual upgrades – see your character progress as you become a gold-armored knight
  • Powerful boss enemies with their own unique attacks and strategies
  • Exciting sound track that will have you feeling like a hero
  • Four beautiful seasons, and infinite years, as the quest never ends
  • Leaderboard for Enemies Slain & Highest Combo; numerous challenging Achievements to unlock

Combo Quest este disponibil pentru DESCARCARE GRATUITA, in format universal, din App Store.