Activator 1.9.7 update aduce foarte multe noutati

activator 1.9.7 update

Activator 1.9.7 a fost lansat in cursul noptii trecute in Cydia pentru posesorii de iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch-uri, el aducand o serie de schimbari extrem de interesante pentru toti cei care folosesc tweak-ul, lista fiind extrem de lunga.

Printre cele mai importante schimbari aduse de catre Activator 1.9.7 se numara o serie de functii noi pentru 3D Touch care fac interactiunea cu sistemul de operare mai usoara, optiunea de a previzualiza schimbarile facute pentru vibratii, sau optiunea de a adauga noi functii pentru butonul Home.

  • Add taptic engine actions
  • Add force touch events
  • Make vibration actions previewable
  • Allow home button action to be dispatched properly from inside a menu
  • Allow now playing app action to be used from the lock screen if apps are enabled at the lock screen
  • Use app icon for the now playing action
  • Allow listeners to set previews=1 in their Info.plist to automatically support previewing
  • Support call listeners for contacts that have phone numbers with weird non-breaking space characters
  • Mute the currently playing ringtone when the volume down button is pressed
  • Support iPad’s new iOS 9 multitasking modes
  • Fix a number of “settings” actions to now work on iOS 9
  • Fix contact picking on iOS 9
  • Fix Activator icon in Spotlight on iOS 9
  • Show breadcrumbs when launching apps on iOS 9
  • Fix icon flick events on iOS 9
  • Fix some remaining slide gestures on iOS 9
  • Fix status bar hold events on devices with 3d touch
  • Make statusbar swipe gestures dispatch actions immediately
  • Remove unnecessary armv7s slice
  • Improve settings pane performance
  • Further adjust Spotlight action on iOS 9
  • Fix battery events on iOS 9
  • Fix Locked/Unlocked events on iOS 9
  • Allow for slight movements on status bar hold events
  • Properly support device orientation for all multitouch events on iOS 9
  • Suppress switcher when the double press menu button event is handled on iOS 9
  • Fix crash when an action is assigned to the three finger tap event on iOS 9
  • Allow deferred actions such as home button press to be sent immediately in multitouch events
  • Adjust playback rate of speech synthesis actions on iOS 9
  • Relocate all files out of /System (for angelXwind)
  • Optimize memory use after Activator app is opened
  • Workaround launch image quirks on iOS 9
  • Update localizations

Dupa cum puteti vedea in lista de mai sus, vorbim despre extrem de multe schimbari oferite de catre Activator, tweak-ul fiind disponibil pentru descarcare din repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.