Prima Pagina aplicatii Auxy Music Studio este cea mai buna aplicatie a saptamanii in App...

Auxy Music Studio este cea mai buna aplicatie a saptamanii in App Store

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Apple a anuntat cea mai buna aplicatie a saptamanii in App Store in cursul zilei de ieri, cei din Cupertino promovand un titlu grozav pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch-urile utilizatorilor din lumea intreaga.

Auxy Music Studio este cea mai buna aplicatie a saptamanii pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch, ea fiind promovata de catre compania Apple in App Store in urmatoarele 7 zile, iar daca va uitati la clipul de mai jos veti vedea ca vorbim despre o aplicatie dedicata crearii de muzica.

Conform creatorilor Auxy Music Studio, aplicatia lor este perfecta pentru cei care doresc sa creeze rapid muzica de pe iPhone sau iPad, aplicatia avand o gama extrem de variata de efecte care pot fi combinate cu sunetele redate de catre noi folosind instrumentele sale.

Auxy is real music making in a simple new format. Create melodies and drum beats by drawing notes on a grid. Explore high quality sounds and tweak effects in real-time to get the right vibe. Record your performances to capture songs. Behind the minimalist interface runs a powerful sound engine with effects by Sonic Charge and FXpansion. The sounds are designed by producer 7 Skies and routed through a series of high quality master effects.

Auxy Music Studio este gandita ca o aplicatie care sa permita crearea de muzica de inalta calitate, iar asta prin prisma sunetelor oferite de catre dezvoltatori, dar si a algoritmilor implementati in ea, sau a sistemului care permite exportarea melodiilor la cea mai inalta calitate posibila.

Auxy supports Ableton Link, which makes it possible to play in sync with any music app that supports the standard. Connect to the same wifi and enable Link to jam with other Auxy users. If you have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, you can jump straight into editing by pressing loops. Upload or export high quality audio files. Projects can also be exported as MIDI files and opened in apps like Logic or Ableton Live.

Auxy Music Studio este disponibila pentru descarcare gratuita in format universal din App Store urmand acest link.