Bonjour – Ceasul cu alarma cu inteligenta artificiala


Ceasul cu alarma iti poate deveni acum si asistent personal. Prin invatarea rutinei de zi cu zi si a hobby-urilor ceasul cu alarma Bonjour te poate ajuta zi de zi sa nu pierzi nimic.

Cu o voce umana si “maniere” atente, este primul ceas cu alarma ce te poate face sa te trezesti fericit.

Bonjour poate ajusta timpul de trezire in cazul in care sunt indeplinite anumite conditii. Sa presupunem ca aveti o intalnire si nu aveti voie sa intarziati: Bonjour va verifica rapoartele de trafic si s-ar putea trezi mai repede decat era programat in cazul in care exista un blocaj de trafic majore. Sau, sa presupunem ca doriti sa incepeti duminica, cu un jogging la 6 AM: Bonjour va verifica starea vremii si va lasa sa dormiti in cazul in care nu exista nici o ploaie sau furtuni.

Bonjour se ppate sincroniza si cu, calendarul vostru, astfel incat stie agenda, permitandu-i sa seteze automat alarma.

Alte optiuni :

  • Fitness Tracking & Planning: When integrated with device like FitBit, Apple Health, or Withings, Bonjour is able to track how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day. If you haven’t been very active, weather is good, and your schedule allows, Bonjour will suggest you go for a run, helping you reach your fitness goals.
  • Improved Language: As you use Bonjour over time, her language skills will improve helping her better understand your requests. Bonjour is the only device able to combine and analyze several sources of information to provide you with accurate answers and the right assistance.
  • A.I. for Your Smart Home: Bonjour can adjust your smart thermostat or lighting automation based on your wake-up time. For example, if you need to wake up earlier than usual, Bonjour can adjust your thermostat so you’ll have a warm and lit home when you wake up.
  • Smart Home Integration: With Bonjour you can turn on your bedroom lights or adjust the temperature in your home.
  • Amazon ALEXA Compatible: Bonjour helps you benefit from everything Amazon’s ALEXA has to offer. Place your order with ALEXA via Bonjour without even getting out of bed.

Deasemenea, poate fi folosita ca si camera de supraveghere si sa faci streaming.

Rise to your favorite song from Spotify or webradio stations. Additionally, a simple voice request triggers Bonjour to play music. With two speakers and a bass radiator, BONJOUR fills the room with immersive sound.

Aplicatia iOS se integreaza perfect cu telefonul smartphone pentru a face setarile foarte usor.

Momentan, gadget-ul se afla in stadiul de finantare.